Skunk Smell - How to Remove Skunk Odor

Skunk Smell - How to Remove Skunk Odor
One question that I answer frequently is how do I get rid of skunk smell in my house also, my dog has been sprayed by a skunk how do I get rid of the odor. Even I have to admit skunk smell or skunk spray can be a bit strong and I like the smell of the musky odor.

The sun is warming the earth; people and their animals are heading outdoors and going for walks to enjoy the sunshine. This is the time of year that skunks begin to make whoopee having babies in the late spring or early summer. You are more likely to run into the stinky little cuties in the spring. Just because you see a skunk out in the daytime does not mean it has rabies, it more likely means it has hormones. Don’t approach any wild animal.

Often I will be asked how to get rid of a skunk. Why would you want to get rid of a skunk? My article the Striped Skunk There are ways to get rid of skunks that won’t injure the animal. First it you have a skunk bothering you a few simple tactics will cause them to move on. Use moth balls, skunks have excellent noses (poor things :). They hate loud noises especially bass noises from stereos; or whatever you call the music making devices these days. Keep pet food out of the skunks reach. Keep the pet food closed up so that the skunk can’t smell it. Keep garbage covered tightly.

If you find a litter of baby kits let the mother take care of them until the family leaves. If you separate the babies and the mother, and not let the mother care for them, the mother will become very protective. They will do some serious damage. Besides, the babies will die and smell up your garage. If you can’t live with having this skunk family even for a short time, please don’t kill the skunks. Call a wildlife rehabilitator, they will relocate the skunks. wildliferehabber

Dr. Jerry Dragoo Dragoo Institute for the Betterment of Skunks and Skunk Reputations discovered that the spray had new molecules that were similar to the ones found in onions and garlic.

The skunk’s only defense besides its intelligence is chemical warfare or chemical and biological warfare. Even then they give plenty of notice that they are upset and may spray. Skunks spray a concentrated yellow spray from each side of the anus. It is so volatile it can be lit. If you get enough of the concentrated spray it can make you vomit. It can also make your eyes burn. It will not cause blindness but it can cause temporary vision problems.

The skunk will do its darnedest not to spray. It has several warnings before it sprays. The skunk’s fur will rise, it will stomp the ground with its front feet, arch its back, hiss and growl and even do handstands. If this warning isn’t heeded it will raise its tail and spray. Sometimes if they have a predicator following them they will spray or really ooze as they walk. The predicator may decide it is more pleasant to go the other way. The handstand display is usually more prominent in the spotted skunk than the striped skunk.

The skunk holding tank can usually hold enough spray for five sprays. They either don’t know or are bluffing because they will still lift their tail to their enemy if their tank has been emptied. I know I wouldn’t be the person to call their bluff even if I was holding a royal flush.

One of the best remedies to get rid of the odor and I have used it on my animals is a remedy that the person (William Wood) who developed this neutralizer will never get a penny. Use it outdoors because it can whiten whatever it touches. Mix 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/3 cup baking soda baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of detergent, this must be mixed fresh with each application. This is also why William Wood will never make any money on this concoction it can’t be bottled.

Make sure you use it outside. Leave it on whatever you applied it on or your animal for five minutes then rinse it off. Take caution not to get it in your animal’s eyes, your eyes, or anyone’s eyes.

To remove skunk smell from the house one must use a little bit more caution. The above remedy will bleach out anything it may come in contact with, like your new carpet.

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Diana Geiger Exotic Pets Editoron

When I lived back in the woods in Northern Minnesota I had two large dogs. They wouldn’t leave the skunks alone in or outside the house. The only trouble was the skunks outside the house would douse the dogs with their delightful scent. I usually just used the remedy above, but I had a double mastectomy and trying to bath two large dogs was impossible. The veterinarian suggested using Skunk Off - 32 oz Spray. As the dogs ran to the house I’d just spray them down. Let it dry. It worked so well and so fast they could come right in the house. I will take an oath on this product.

Skunk Off - 32 oz Spray

I had my wildlife rehabilitation license and I often had “armed” skunks in the house. They rarely sprayed and when they did it was usually our fault. Not looking where we were walking and trip over a sleeping skunk. Once the spray flies in the house you have a bigger problem. Here is the solution to the giant problems. While Icky Poo is a really dumb name it does do a fine job.

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