Library Dictionary

Library Dictionary
Each profession has their own unique terms. Learn libraryspeak with our dictionary beginning with the "A"s.

AACR An initialism referring to Anglo-American Cataloging Rules. General rules for entries and descriptive cataloging.

abridgment A shortened edition of a written work, usually prepared by someone other than the original author, which preserves the overall meaning and manner of presentation of the original.

academic library A library which is an integral part of a college, university, or other post-secondary educational institution, administered to meet the needs of its students and faculty.

accredited library school A library school whose degree program has been accredited by the American Library Association.

almanac An annual publication containing useful statistics and facts, both current and retrospective. Almanacs may be general (example: World Almanac and Book of Facts).

American Library Association (ALA) The leading professional organization of public and academic librarians in the United States.

archives An organized collection of the noncurrent records of an institution, government, organization, or corporate body, or the personal papers of an individual or family, preserved in a repository for their historical value.

atlas A book of maps.

audiovisual materials Non-book materials such as filmstrips, recordings, films, video-tape, slides, audio tapes, compact discs, video cassettes, records, computer software, etc.

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