Ending a First Date

Ending a First Date
Most people, no matter how confident they might normally be, will usually feel at least a little bit nervous while out on a first date with a new romantic interest. While the novelty of being out with somebody new can inject a sense of excitement into a first date, the uncertainty of how things might turn out can sometimes overshadow that excitement and lead to some rather awkward moments. One of the most notoriously awkward moments during a first date usually comes at the end of the night as you and your date are getting ready to part ways. How your first date ends often says an awful lot about how things went and about whether or not there might be the potential for future dates with this person. The way in which you end a first date with your partner, then, should be based in large part on a combination of how much you enjoyed yourself and how interested you might be in seeing your date again.

If you had a fantastic time on your first date and would love to get together again with your new partner, then the best way to end the date would be to vocalize how much fun you had and how great it would be if you could do it all over again sometime. Once you do this, watch carefully for your date’s reaction. Try to pick up on any body language signs that he/she might be giving out and use those clues to help you determine what your next move should be. If your date seems to be on the same page as you, then you might want to take a chance and go in for a small but romantic kiss or, if you aren’t comfortable kissing on the first date, perhaps simply make arrangements for the next date and part ways with a warm hug. Should you find it difficult to read your date then don’t be afraid to ask if he/she would be willing to go out with you again. While this can certainly be scary considering that it involves the risk of rejection, it is usually better, in my opinion, to know where you stand than to battle the endless wondering of uncertainty.

If, on the other hand, you really didn’t have a very good time and found yourself counting down the minutes until you could make a reasonable escape, then the best way to end the date would be to let your partner down gently but also truthfully. As tempting as it might be to tell a little white lie in order to spare your partner’s feelings and avoid the awkwardness of it all, leading your date to believe that there might be another one when you know deep down that it isn’t a possibility will only hurt him/her even more in the long run.

The bottom line here, I think, is to let your intuitions be your guide in determining the best course of action for ending a first date. No matter what path you find yourself on, remember to always be realistic with yourself and with your date about the potential for romance that may or may not exist.

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