Will There Be a New Third Party Creation?

Will There Be a New Third Party Creation?
It is quickly becoming apparent that Americans are definitely ready for change and not necessarily the change that Barack Obama said he would bring about. His approval rating continues to waver. However, America’s disapproval doesn’t rest with just one man.

Clearly, many Americans are tired of both parties. President Bush left a bad taste in the mouths of many and although there was hope for something new, it seems the new isn’t what most Americans want. The economy, job loss, health care…it all seems to be spinning out of control. So what is the answer? Perhaps the answer lies in the creation of a new third party.

There is talk that perhaps the tea party could become the new third party. What is the tea party? These are groups of people who began protesting in 2009 against such things as:

• Big Government
• President Obama
• Stimulus Package
• Healthcare

These gatherings spurred quite a bit of controversy, however, may have laid the foundation to a new party. There is unrest with both the Democrat and Republican parties. It seems neither party can really be trusted. Too many broken promises and questionable choices are causing Americans to look elsewhere.

Some feel that the creation of a tea party is a mask to cover the Republican Party. There is talk that it’s just a way to change their name and appears to be something new, in hopes of winning back the public. From what I understand, it truly is something different. And I believe this could be bad news for the Republicans, just as much as for the Democrats.

At the end of 2009, a Rasmussen poll showed that in the next election for Congress, voters would choose these parties:

• 36% Democratic
• 23% Tea Party
• 18% Republican

Depending on how you look at it, if you believe the Tea Party is really a new forum for the Republicans, the Democrats are losing ground. However, this could also be looked at as a problem for Republicans. Some people are quite dismayed over the emergence of this new party movement. At a time when they thought the disapproval over President Obama could give them an edge, they are now finding themselves having to fight harder to win back approval.

All of this could be looked at in a very positive light. If there truly is a new party emerging, perhaps this will cause both the Democrats and the Republicans to rethink their ways.

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