How to Screen Through for Interviews

How to Screen Through for Interviews
The average job seeker will submit hundreds of applications depending upon the length of time they have been looking for a job. As time passes with nary a bite, they start to question why they are not getting calls for interviews. One of the biggest culprits is not following the company’s instructions for submitting an application. Despite the competition for an employment, job seekers are often their own worst enemy when it comes to gaining employment.

Follow the instructions. It’s quite simple; the company is the one doing the hiring so they get to make the rules. Unfortunately, you don’t get to have it your way. If the company is asking for a cover letter to be enclosed with your application, send it. The same is true of the opposite. If a request is made to not send in cover letters or portfolios, honor the hiring manager’s wishes. If you choose not to, your application will stand out but not in the way that you would like.

Details count! You may think nothing of typing an entire application in lower case, however all grammar and spelling rules apply when it comes times to select candidates. If you don’t care, or you are too lazy to even capitalize your name correctly, how do they know that your work will not be just as sloppy? Your application is the only thing representing you to future employers. Pay attention to the details.

Apply early! Job advertisements usually have a set amount of time they are open for applications. Apply late and your application runs the risk of being jumbled in with all of the other late applicants. Have all of your information ready so when a position becomes available, you can apply as soon as possible while the hiring manager is still fresh.

What happens when a hiring manager calls?

Sometimes hiring managers will perform advance candidate screening, by calling and asking several questions on the telephone. This is an excellent opportunity to put your best foot forward – unfortunately many candidates forget this.

Find balance in your enthusiasm. Over enthusiasm can be just as bad as being too laid back. If you are too laid back during the phone call, you will come across as uninterested in the position (or the caller). Squealing because the interviewer called, or being overly enthusiastic will come across as fake to most hiring managers. Keep the balance within the professional range.

In the rush to apply for jobs the need to pay attention to the details sometimes fall through the cracks. While speed is of the essence, so is the need for careful submission.

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