Cosmetics You Don't Need

Cosmetics You Don't Need
Have you ever wondered if you could skip a few of the products described as must-haves by cosmetics salespeople? Well, you can. Or you can buy less expensive versions at the drug store without sacrificing performance. Many products, even if they do what they promise, are simply not necessary for everyone. It's usually a matter of personal preference.

Lip liner to match lipstick
You don't need lip liner that matches each and every color of lipstick you own. Besides, anything that fades your lipstick – like eating or applying lip gloss – could leave you with nothing but an unattractive line around your lips. No one wants that!

Lip liner does help to keep lipstick from feathering or bleeding into fine lines. It can also make lipstick last longer when applied to the entire lip (before lipstick application). If you still want the benefits of a lip liner, just buy one that matches your natural lip color. You can wear it with any color. If your lipstick wears off, you won't be left with that awkward-looking line around your lips.

Foundation primer

Foundation primers are another product that you might want to skip. Even though they smooth the surface of the skin and help your foundation last longer, primers offer some of the same benefits of a basic moisturizer. The fact is, a moisturizer may be all you need to prime your skin for foundation. Primers perform best for people with large pores or discoloration. If you're not afflicted with these maladies, you can forgo foundation primer in favor of a good moisturizer.

Expensive mascara
Mascara is great for building gorgeous lashes and emphasizing the eyes like nothing else can. Sometimes mascara is the only product you need to create an attention-getting look. But that doesn't mean you should spend a lot of money on it. There are a couple of reasons not to buy expensive mascara.

First, keeping mascara for more than two or three months can be hazardous. Once used, bacteria can grow inside the mascara tube. Unless you use a clean wand each time you apply mascara, you're adding more bacteria each time you use it. You can end up with an eye infection. You should dispose of your mascara and buy a new after two or three months of use. With a high-end brand, it can get very expensive.

Second, pricy mascara won't necessarily provide longer or thicker lashes than drugstore brands. Formulations vary, but you may just be paying for more expensive packaging. Like other cosmetics, some products work better than others for each individual. For example, some women prefer thicker lashes, while others want a lengthening product. By shopping around, you can find a product that works best for you and performs just as well as an expensive department store brand.

Many beauty products simply aren't necessary for most women. If a product doesn't significantly enhance your look without breaking the bank, you can easily skip it.

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