The Heart Speaks Volumes

The Heart Speaks Volumes
The heart says a lot about who we are. The decisions we make; the paths we take; it all can be linked to our heart and what lies within it.

From the moment we are born, our hearts are like our brains—being fed information from the lives that we are living; from the stimulus that surrounds us. Our life experiences are creating lines of information onto the tablets of our hearts. And this information is with us throughout our lifetime; affecting our life choices.

It is said that if we think on something long enough, it will become a part of our heart. Even the Bible states that out the mouth flows the issues of the heart. Proverbs 4:23

The choices we make in life stay with us in one way or another. We can experience positive consequences or negative consequences. But there definitely is a consequence for all that we do in life. How many of us, however, take the time to search what is actually coming from our heart?

It is said many times that people often act without thinking; that people do things on the spur of the moment. This can be true…at times. But what about the person who continually acts this way—making decisions without thought?

Perhaps for them, it is a heart matter. It is not necessarily that they are not thinking, but they are reacting to what their heart has prompted them to do, because their hearts have been conditioned to act in such a way: without thought or provocation.

Have you ever met someone that was void of emotion? Or, perhaps has a hard time expressing themselves? Maybe it is a heart issue. Perhaps circumstances in their lives have conditioned their heart to be unemotional and detached.

There is evidence that people who were mistreated or abandoned, and lacked the love or comfort of a mother in their formative years suffer from a detached syndrome that inhibits them from showing real emotion or connecting with people on an emotion level. Some are even considered to be like emotional robots: cold and unable to show affection.

How would we even begin to change the circumstances of a heart that has been bruised and not giving the care it should be given? Love. That is the only plausible answer. To counteract the issues of a wounded and battered heart, it must be supplied with huge amounts of love and understanding.

Sometimes when we see someone acting unseemly, perhaps we should take stock of their heart condition. Perhaps the actions of a person are based upon what they know and have experienced, or have not experienced. Not everyone was fortunate to have a beginning that framed and supported and encouraged a heart that was filled with love and empathy.

Even as we live our lives, we can often experience things that are heart-wrenching and hurtful, that places a layer of scars upon our heart and causes us to be different in our actions and views. But never underestimate the healing power of love and its ability to change both hearts and lives.

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