The Candies Foundation

The Candies Foundation
We have all heard the stories. There are stories of teens that get pregnant on purpose, to have someone to love him or her, or someone to take care of. Some teens have gotten pregnant in groups, to be teen moms together, raising their babies to grow up together, and be lifelong friends.

Clearly, that is rarely if ever the case. Once reality sets in, and the novelty wears off, the teens are left with completely altered lives, few friends, and more responsibility than their young ages can handle.

The Candies Foundation works with celebrities that teenagers look up to and idolize. The celebrities help convey the message that teenage parenthood is not cool, or something to strive toward.

Many parents, teachers, and other teen moms, have all tried and sometimes failed to get the same point across to teens. Anyone with a teenager knows most of what we say goes in one ear and out the other.

We all know the story of Bristol Palin, becoming pregnant during her mothers bid for Vice President of the United States. If Sarah Palin cannot convince her daughter to refrain from having sex, or to responsibly use birth control, who can?

Not so surprisingly, Bristol Palin herself is now working with the Candies Foundation to promote abstinence. As much as I am sure she loves her little boy, she would probably be the first to tell you, she should have waited.

If you have a teenager or pre-teen, you may want to check out the website, and open up the dialogue with your children. It would be a great way to group parental advice and pop icon support, to keep kids from making a huge mistake.

Among Bristol, there are many other pop icons working to support teen pregnancy prevention. Every year the Candies foundation hosts an event to raise money for their cause and to honor those who have helped support it.

Past supporters and advocates have included a wide range of people from all different groups.

Some of them have been, Vanessa Minnillo, Hayden Panettiere, Senator Hilary Clinton, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Hudson, Katie Couric, Kim Catrall, Jane Fonda, Jewel, Jenny McCarthy, Hilary Duff, Beyonce, & Usher, just to name a few.

Their ads, have been aired on, ABC, NBC, FOX, MTV, CBS, as well as posted on and others. You may have also seen their ads in print in magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, & Vogue.

Since 2009, Bristol Palin has been the campaigns ambassador

If you would like to learn more, get updates about upcoming events, or help their cause, I have included the link below.

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The Candies Foundation

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