Twin Babysitting Tips

Twin Babysitting Tips
Caring for twins takes a lot of energy, awareness, and common sense. Some of these items might seem common sense to you, but it’s a good idea to review each area and ensure you are prepared for the fun, challenging time period!

I know you have the ability to text and walk but you do not possess the ability to text and watch twins. Taking care of twins requires four sets of hands so unless you have six sets of hands let’s leave the phone alone for now. That important email will still be waiting for you when you’re done with this adventure.

Don’t give one twin something, unless you have one for the other twin.
If you give one a toy or a sippy cup or even a pacifier because they’re crying make sure that you have an extra for the other. It’s just common nature to want what you don’t have, and that holds true for twin babies as well.

Just because a toddler can walk and run does not mean they can climb up and down stairs. Unless you have confirmed with the parents otherwise, then make sure you always hold on to a child as they go up and down steps. And please make sure you actually use the gate I have placed next to the bottom and top of the stairs. There’s a reason they’re there. So that the babies can’t climb over them!

When changing a diaper make sure that the other twin is nowhere in sight. You see, while you’re dealing with one baby if the other can get her hands on the ointment or the wipes or even the clean diaper- she will! Also, when you’re changing the diaper do not let go of the legs! Why? They LOVE to flip over as you’re wiping and as you can imagine it is not a pretty sight when you haven’t cleaned the whole area thoroughly and this child flips over (poopy and all).

You are allowed to take a quick bathroom break. As long as you know the kids are in a safe and confined place you should be A-okay. Just make sure you don’t turn on the exhaust fan. This way you can actually hear what’s going on in the rest of the house. Kids can be very adventurous when they see that there is no adult around.

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