How to Beat Traffic Camera Tickets

How to Beat Traffic Camera Tickets
How to Beat Traffic Camera Tickets

Technology is now on the side of the law. You can now get a traffic ticket for running a red light without a law enforcement official being anywhere near your vehicle.

The dreaded traffic camera that takes a picture of the back of your car to record your license plate number is showing up in more areas of the country. It will soon enough be in your area you can count on it.

But technology has met its match this time with a non-tech product that you can use yourself. A company called PhantomPlate has come up with an ingenious product to keep you from receiving a traffic ticket if you happen to run through a red light.

It’s comes in a spray can that you apply yourself. No, it doesn’t turn your car invisible, but it does make your license plate invisible to the traffic cameras by using a reflective coating that is invisible to the eye but quite effective.

Why does it work? The traffic camera uses a high powered flash to capture the image of your license plate. When the camera flash hits the plate, the PhotoBlocker spray reflects the light and blurs the image completely.

Think of what a picture would look like if you aimed a camera at a mirror with a flash. That’s the effect on a smaller scale. You simply buy a can of the Photo Blocker, spray the license plates on up to two vehicles (only one application is needed), and never worry about getting a traffic ticket again by an automated traffic camera.

No worries of being pulled over for having the spray on your plates because it’s completely invisible to the eyes.

If you don’t want to use the spray, you can buy a plastic cover called a PhotoShield or Reflector cover that stays on your plate and works the same way.

These products are only illegal in Pennsylvania, so if you live or drive in any other state, you can use them.

I am not condoning the use of these products to purposely run red lights or other traffic signals. I do feel secure in recommending them to the average safe driver who may unintentionally drive through a red light.

For the cost of a traffic ticket of $100 or more, it’s worth it.

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