How to Make a Half Drop Repeat

How to Make a Half Drop Repeat
For most web graphics, I use a simple repeating pattern for the background layer of a website. However, when creating graphics for other applications, such as gift wrap paper, it's nice to be able to create a Half Drop Repeat. PhotoshopR has made that an easy task. Let's check out how to do this technique.

The first thing we need is a single motif that we will be repeating across and down the design area. For this tutorial, I used a 2" x 2" x 300 dpi spider web graphic (600 px by 600 px). Note: I have added the black background so that we can better see the motif. You will probably want to work with a motif on a transparent background.

If we repeat the motif at this point, the repeated motifs will be edge to edge. It would look better if we had some empty space between the spider webs. Let's add .5 inch around our spider web. From the Menubar, click Image – Canvas Size. Leave the motif in the center of the dialog box and set the Width and Height to 2.25 inches. Each motif will contribute .25 inch to the empty space. This will give us the .50 inch we want to add to our design.

Now that we have our 2.25" square motif, we need to add 2.25" to the width, that is double the width, on the right side. From the Menubar, click Image, Canvas Size. Anchor the image on the left and set the Width to 4.5". Our work area is now 1350 px wide and 675 px high.

At this point we have one layer with our graphic. The Half Drop will be created on a second layer. Duplicate the graphic layer. While still on this duplicate layer, click Filter – Other – Offset. In the Offset dialog box, keep the setting of Wrap Around, set the Width to one half the number of pixels of our work area, which is 675 px. Now, set the Height to one half the number of pixels of the work area which is 338 px.

You should now have two versions of our motif. The original is on the left. On the right is the motif cut in half. The bottom half is at the top of the workspace and the top half is at the bottom. When we use this Half Drop repeat to create a larger image, such as 24 inch square, you will see that these two halves come together to create one motif.

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