Pregnancy Coercion

Pregnancy Coercion
I write a lot about abortion coercion. As if that was not bad enough, there is also pregnancy coercion. Some men use coercion to force women into pregnancy.

It is yet another form of domestic violence, and is most common in relationships where the male is controlling or emotionally abusive.

Men say things to their partner about carrying on his family name, or being a family forever, to try to convince her, she should become pregnant.

In more drastic attempts, the male partner will damage, or throw away his partners birth control pills or condoms, poke holes in the condoms, or take them off during sex. Some will use the excuse that they are allergic, or do not like condoms, while others will go so far as to lie and say they are sterile or have had a vasectomy.

If the man is successful in his attempts at getting his partner pregnant, then they will use tactics to dissuade, or guilt a woman away from an abortion.

In many cases, relationships with this type of abuse are already, or will become, physically violent as well.

Unfortunately, it is harder to convince women being abused to leave their partner, because of threats of harm if she leaves him, or her very low self-esteem, from the constant emotional and verbal abuse used to control her.

None the less there is discreet ways, to prevent a woman in an abusive relationship, or who is being coerced into pregnancy, from becoming pregnant, even if she refuses to leave the relationship.

At your local family planning clinic, they can assist you in obtaining an IUD or inter uterine device, which is inserted into the woman’s body and not detectable by the male partner. You can also receive Depo-Provera injections given every few months to prevent pregnancy, and emergency contraception.

Whether your partner has ever been abusive in any way, pregnancy coercion is abuse. There is help, and people who care. If you think your partner is pressuring you into getting pregnant, or trying to sabotage your attempts at contraception, I have included links below, where you can find the resources to get help.

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