My Favorite Exotic Pet

My Favorite Exotic Pet
How many people have asked me, what is my favorite exotic pet? This is impossible to answer. It is like answering the question, which one of your children is your favorite? Since I only have one child on this physical earth, my son died when he was 15, Still it is an impossible question to answer. The same with my pets that I have now, and have had in the past.

My favorite exotic pet is...the skunk because they have a firm grip on attitude. They are intelligent. They have a bright smile and their eyes shine with laughter. I love to cuddle with them. Play games with them. I can't wait to find out what they will do next. Like the time we were dying of heat exhaustion only to find the skunk fully spread out over the only air vent in the living room. The skunk was nice and cool.

Here are skunk pictures

My favorite exotic pet is'the raccoon because I love the feel of their paws on my face as they caress and pat my face. They are so loving. They are also a big pain in the neck. If there is something to get into, they will. They also are very intelligent, much too intelligent for their agility. At least the skunk isn't as agile as the raccoon.

Here are raccoon pictures

My favorite exotic pet is...the ferret, no fear attitude. They too are loving, they will slow down long enough to lick your face and your hands, then they have got to get busy doing what ferrets do best, play at 100 miles per hour until they fall into an exhaustive sleep. Every evening I put them back in their cage however, I have to find them first. One is usually sleeping near my pillow, under the blankets. One is usually asleep under the dresser which is lined with all the socks that were in the dresser. We still haven't figured out how they got the socks out of the dresser. The third, who knows, she is never in the same place twice.

Here are ferret pictures

My favorite exotic pet is... the bearded dragon. Unlike many reptiles they are instantly calm, alert, and enjoy human companionship. Interesting little fellows. They are charming. Geico should have hired the bearded dragon they are just as stately and charming as the gecko. They just don't have an English accent.

My favorite exotic pet is...the snake. I know they have feelings and respond to their human families. They just aren�t overly emotional.

My favorite exotic pet is...every animal that has been put on this glorious earth. I have had, and have many other pets. I would love to spend time with every single animal, to have the opportunity to get to know him or her, watch him or her, especially in his or her own environment. Each and every animal has something important to teach us.

Here are exotic pet pictures

Here are exotic pet pictures and the greatest exotic pet video, funniest Youtube exotic pet video ever!

Exotic pet video

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