Angry Birds

Angry Birds
Angry Birds is a puzzle game for the iPhone, Droid and other handheld markets. You would think this game would be simple and mindless - but it's incredibly absorbing, and really hooks you in.

A friend of mine was completely addicted to the game and suggested my boyfriend give it a try. Thirty minutes later he was still playing, and I knew I had to get it for my own phone when we got home. Now we hand the phone back and forth while we try to solve levels.

The premise is fairly straightforward. You have green pigs who have stolen eggs from a flock of birds. The birds therefore are out to destroy the pigs and get their eggs back. Really, though, this is about physics. The question is how well you can calculate trajectories.

On the left, you have a bird in a slingshot. You can pull it out long or short, and aim it high or low. On the right, you have those dastardly green pigs holed up in a variety of bunkers. They use various pieces to construct their forts - stone, wood, ice, and so on. You have to aim your slingshot bird at the right spot to take their fortress down.

There are birds with special abilities. Some of them split into multi-birds. Some of them become turbo birds. But really, the aim in the end is to get through those forts and get at those pigs.

So you have to investigate the setup of the given level. Where is the weak point? If you hit that lower ice block, will it tumble the entire thing down? Then you aim carefully and let loose! It's quite rewarding when you win - and if you miss, it's a quick click to try again. It keeps you going.

There are a ton of levels, all testing your skills in different ways. This isn't about insanely fast clicking or blowing up zombies with gore. It's a more strategic, mind-intensive game. This is the sort of game that raises your SAT scores and gets your mind clicking more quickly for brainstorming sessions at work :)

The graphics are fun, too, so that's just an added bonus!

Highly recommended.

Angry Birds from Rovio

We purchased Angry Birds with our own money, and completely spontaneously due to recommendations :)

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