Have Fun at Your Own Party

Have Fun at Your Own Party
Hosting a party can mean that you are organizing fun for everyone else, but not having fun yourself. But you are running it, you must make sure everyone has a fun time, and that includes you. So here are some ways you can run a party and still enjoy yourself.

Make Easy, Impressive Food
Have many bowls of chips with matching dips. If you have a blender, then making a dip is as easy as loading the ingredients and switching it on.

Use cocktail sticks to make food look attractive. Cut cheese into cubes and arrange them on a plate with cocktail sticks in them. Or do the same with pieces of fruit, with two or three pieces of fruit on one stick. It’s easy to prepare and looks effective.

Be prepared well in advance
Well before your party, write down what you need to do and by what time and date. Weeks before the party you can buy decorations and food that will last. Decide what you will do one week before the party, one day before the party, the day of the party and write it down on a schedule to follow.

Decide what you want to do and delegate the rest. A lot can be achieved without getting yourself too stressed by asking others to share the load. If you can afford it, pay someone to clean your house before or after the party.

Consider using disposable plates if you don’t want to do a lot of washing up.

Manage the mood
Before your guests arrive, make the room look like a party is about to happen. Add decorations, streamers and balloons. Have scented candles lit before they arrive and adjust the lighting.

Relax and enjoy the fun
While it may seem like there’s a lot to be done, even during the party, the best host is one who takes part in the party and enjoys herself, so don’t stress over everything that has to be done, but join in, relax and enjoy the fun.

Have a clear end time
When you send out invitations, specify an end time and start cleaning up when that time gets close.

Plan to Party

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