Quran Alone

Quran Alone
There are thousands of pages of words on the internet that speak on the subject of Islam. My Islam Site on BellaOnline is just one of many Islamic pages. I do not profess to bring any message to anyone that cannot be confirmed by reading the Quran alone.

I am not alone in my way of thinking or in the way I understand Islam. There are other Muslims in the world who too only follow the Quran. I object very much to being called a Quranic, as this implies I belong to some cult or sect which does not exist in Islam.

Some people are afraid to admit to the fact that they follow only the Quran. It can bring ridicule and insults from other Muslims, who follow the cults and sects that form the majority of Muslims, claiming to follow Islam today.

God says in the Quran that we should not divide yet most of the problems faced in Islam today are caused by arguments between the divided sects of Sunnis and Shias.

I am not part of the Submitters organisation but I do use for reference the Rashad Khalifa English translation of the Quran along with English translations by Abduallah Yusuf Ali, Marmaduke Pickthall, Muhammad Habib Shakir all found on the universalunity.net website. Maulvi Sher Ali’s English translation of the Quran can be found on the alisam.org web site which also has an Urdu translation of the Quran.

I have found that the Quran is very easy to read and to understand. I have never needed to refer to any other books or scriptures to understand the message God is sending us. I have also read the Bible and understood the message God sent with that scripture. As believers we are to worship God and only God.

All of the prophets who brought scriptures, and all of the messengers that conveyed the message in the scriptures, came with the same message. Since the time of the Ten Commandments we have been instructed to worship only God. “… You shall have no other god besides Me.” Exodus.

God tells us that the Quran is a truthful scripture, confirming previous scriptures and superseding them (5:48). God says there is no ambiguity in the Quran and that every kind of example has been cited so that we may take heed (39:27–29) and that the Quran is the only consistent source.

God rejects fabricated, man-made hadiths in Quran and asks who is more evil than one who attributes lies to God, and disbelieves the truth (39:32-35). Those who promote the truth and believe in the Quran will get everything they wish at their Lord. God forgives their sinful works and rewards them for their good works.

Chapter 39, verse 23
Allahu nazzala ahsana alhadeethi kitaban mutashabihan mathaniya taqshaAAirru minhu juloodu allatheena yakhshawna rabbahum thumma taleenu julooduhum waquloobuhum ila thikri Allahi thalika huda Allahi yahdee bihi man yashao waman yudlili Allahu fama lahu min hadin
God has revealed herein the best Hadith; a book that is consistent, and points out both ways. The skins of those who reverence their Lord cringe therefrom, then their skins and their hearts soften up for God's message. Such is God's guidance; He bestows it upon whoever wills guidance. As for those sent astray by God, nothing can guide them.

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