Tips for New Twin Parents!

Tips for New Twin Parents!
A little over a year ago, we found out that we were having twins. Having had two children beforehand, I thought this would be a walk in the park. I mean, how could this be any different, right? So wrong! Having twins is a whole new ball game. One that comes with trying times but oh so many wonderful ones. These are just a couple of things that I have learned along the way. I hope they become beneficial to everyone having twins or even triplets.

Schedule Schedule Schedule

It is so important that from day one you come up with a schedule that not only you can follow but also those that might be caring for your children. From day one I fed my twins at the same times (give or take ten minutes). After a while it became a lot easier because I would start feeding them before they started to cry. Why? (Just close your eyes and imagine two babies crying at the same time for food.) I’ve learned that if you wait
for them to start crying you will become overwhelmed and frustrated during feeding time which should be a very comforting and nurturing time for you and your babies. By feeding them ahead of time you are giving yourself that extra couple of minutes to be able to burp and soothe each baby.

Prepare the Night Before

Remember when you were in school and you prepared your book bag and clothing the night before? Well, it’s time to pick up that habit again. Make sure that what the babies are wearing the following day is out and ready to grab. Make sure that you have several changing supplies around the house. I live in a house that has three floors and I purchased really pretty boxes for every floor and placed diapers, wipes, diaper cream and a change of clothes in every one of them. That way I didn’t have to run upstairs every time one of the babies had to be changed! Every night I would restock these boxes and it would be one less thing I had to worry about during the day!

Take All the Help You Can Get

Don’t do it alone if you don’t have to. Schedule help before you give birth. It can be very overwhelming to bring two babies home so make sure that you have an extra set of hands. Everyone is going to want to help you right after you come home from the hospital and you’re not going to need more than one person at a time so make sure you “schedule” family and friends at different times. Don’t ever turn anyone down. You need your rest too and it’s so much easier to care for your babies when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Make sure to take turns with your husband or partner. This not only gives you time to relax but it gives the opportunity to bond with the babies and appreciate all the hard work that you do.

Don’t Fall Into the “You Need Two of Everything” Trap

You really don’t need two of everything. In the beginning, you will need a Papasan and maybe a swing but not two of the same items. The babies will get bored eventually. I would put one baby on the swing while I fed or held the other. Save the money for things you really need, like diapers and wipes.

Don’t Worry About the Little Stuff

Can’t clean like you used to? Everyone will understand and those that don’t have no reason to be around. If it really gets to you then just get cleaning wipes and store them under every sink. If you need to wipe something down your cleaning supplies are readily available!


Breathe and then breathe again. It gets much easier. Don’t let people get you down. It might be double the work but it’s the best feeling in the world to have two little people look up at you with smiles on their faces. Many people can say “I have a baby” but few can say “I have multiples.” You are now a part of an Elite Club. Enjoy and pat yourself on the back!

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