Yoshi Topsy Turvy GBA

Yoshi Topsy Turvy GBA
Yoshi Topsy Turvy GBA has a built in gyroscope sensor that is much smaller than the similar Wario game. This lets you actually tilt your GBA unit to play the game.

This game is designed to be easy and fun for the younger set, so more advanced players might find it a bit too easy or dull. You are Yoshi, whose island has been trapped in pages of a book. Your only way to free the island is to go from page to page, pleasing the spirits in each section so they help you free your island.

Really what this means is that you have to move left to right (or sometimes top to bottom) along a one-way track, avoiding enemies, gathering coins, eating fruit, or performing whatever other actions are required to move along.

For example, in one area the "baby eggs" that once lived there in happy harmony have now been turned into red fruits. You have to eat each one and fart out the original egg. I'm not exactly sure how this works in the digestive system, but Nintendo has always played a bit fast and loose with this sort of thing :) You can even see which eggs you've freed over time, in a gallery area.

By tilting the GBA unit left and right, sort of like spinning a lazy susan clockwise or counterclockwise, you help Yoshi move along. You swing wrecking balls, let Yoshi slide down snowy slopes, roll slowballs into larger and larger sizes, and even ride on half-pipes. None of the puzzles are really challenging, but again this is meant for kids. The puzzles are all ones that a kid can figure out relatively easily and then have a lot of fun playing through.

The game isn't really long, but you can always go back and replay sections that you enjoy a lot, looking to get every point there and get the highest score.

Well recommended for its target age group!

NOTE: This game was purchased from a retail gaming store with our own money. It was not sponsored or funded in any way.

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