20,000 Exotic Animals Seized

20,000 Exotic Animals Seized
20,000 exotic animals confiscated from exotic pet wholesaler in Arlington Texas. Many of the animals were found dead or dying. According to reports, the animals were found in terrible conditions, living in filth and amongst decomposing dead bodies.

The wholesaler, U.S. Global Exotics, had a license through Department of Agriculture, US Fish and Wildlife Service, (a Bureau in the Department of Interior), and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Veterinarians and were brought in from as far as Great Britain to care for the exotic animals.

According to an Arlington Animal Services there were a lot of dead animals. In addition, the animals were not being kept in conditions appropriate for their health. Reptiles were cold and starving. Many animals were kept in too hot of conditions.

The company had been in business for over 11 years, according to the now defunct website of U.S, Global Exotics which was a multimillion dollar business importing and exporting animals to and from many parts of the world.

Atrocities such as this add fuel to the already existing fire on exotic animals being exotic pets. In my mind, it also raises the question if the animals were legally obtained or poached from their native environment. I personally would think that the animals were bought very inexpensively from poachers from the exotic animal’s originating country. There are already laws in existence to protect these animals. How would more laws help when they can’t even enforce the existing laws?

I wonder what is in store for company president Jasen Shaw. I hope he sees the full impact of what he has done. I also think the company employees are just as guilty. They could have easily reported the dreadful conditions to the proper authorities.

Contact information for U.S Global Exotics according to the website www.manta.com is 1007 Oakmead Dr. Arlington Texas 76011-7735.

How long has U.S. Global Exotics allowed these animals to live in such deplorable conditions; for months, or years? Where were the licensing agencies? Surely you would think that the Department of Agriculture, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S. and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department surely had guidelines and were suppose to inspect regularly; especially considering the size of the operation at U.S, Global Exotics.

The website www.tradeboss.com has a company statement supposedly from U.S. Global Exotics on the Tradeboss website. “We are a full line professional live animal importer and exporter. “We offer high quality animals of all descriptions with attention to high quality, reliability and customer service. Currently we offer the widest selection of animals in the industry. We service US retail and wholesale markets. We also service all regions of the world.”

Somehow, they didn’t have the concept of live animal. This whole situation just sickens me not only because of the suffering of animals, but also how some nothing but politely minded peon on Capitol Hill could use this as ammunition.

If you have an exotic pet supply, pet shop, or any merchant that deals in exotic pets check in once in a while and do the right thing if you see exotic animals in the wrong conditions for the species or being treated inhumanly, report what you see to the proper authorities. If you don’t know who the proper authorities are contact me. Any reports can be made anonymously. If we see an animal suffering not reporting it is as cruel as the person treating the animal cruelly.

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