Angie Jackson shares her choice online

Angie Jackson shares her choice online
You probably heard her name repeatedly. If you watch the news daily, or even browse news sites online, you probably already know, the controversy surrounding her. She was already an online blogger with a following and a self-proclaimed atheist. Recently she took to the internet to post her abortion experience, live, online.

She is a young woman from Florida. A woman with a committed boyfriend, and four-year-old son at home, she loves very much. A son she devotes her life to, literally. It was during the pregnancy & subsequent birth to her son, that doctors advised her, not to get pregnant again. That she would be risking her life. That she could die, if she ever carried another baby to term. She would leave her precious young son, without a mother.

With the support of her boyfriend, she made the choice to have an abortion. She was early in her first trimester, and chose the abortion pill, as the method for ending the pregnancy. The controversial pill also known as RU-486.

Her point to her online abortion journal was to take away the fear, instilled in countless women, about the horrors of abortion. To show other women, that it is their choice. It is their right. In addition, that despite what they have been told, it is, okay. Those women can make the decision she had made, and they too would be okay. She was not screaming, or writhing in pain. She was not crying, or shaking, or wearing a hospital gown. There were no doctors, or surgical instruments, just a woman on her computer, sharing her story.

She mentioned the details of the cramping she was having, as well as the bleeding. Some viewers would later remark it to be graphic. Others, who watched it, felt an enormous sense of relief. Relief, that a woman having an abortion could be wearing her normal everyday clothes, sitting at home, on her computer, talking to other women.

Word spread of her post rapidly. Her following doubled within days, continuing to grow. With it came the people, against her, her decision, her family, and in some cases, her safety. Thousands of women and men were sending her support and encouragement. Many people thanking her, for what she had shared. For posting her experiences for the experience of other women, so they would be less afraid. For erasing the shame, and the stigma, and the falsities, many of which are still spread today.

She was a hero to any woman with a voice, whether they had ever had to face using theirs or not. It reinforced for many, that if they were ever in a position of choice, they would have more information from a source who understood them. A source that had been there and in essence went through it, for them, and before them.

There were also those, who had forgotten, the lives she saved that day. They were the people who were not supportive of her choice, or any other woman’s choice for that matter. There were many who called her derogatory names, or made derogatory suggestions, as to what she should have done to avoid becoming pregnant. There were even some threats made. Threats made to end her life, the life of her boyfriend, and even threats to harm her 4-year-old son. All threats made in the name of a life unborn.

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