Eight Reasons you should Start your very own Small Business

Eight Reasons you should Start your very own Small Business
Eight Reasons you should Start your very own Small Business

1— You get to be the boss. That is usually a good thing. You can try all those ideas you wished your other bosses had listened to! You can give the best customer service in the world. You can wear jeans to work. You can require everyone to dress up on your birthday. Because, hey, you are the boss!

2—You get to pick the type of business you want, and to make sure it’s something you love. If you can figure out how to get paid for doing what you love, your entire life will be better. If you need help in choosing a business, try my ebook Finding the Perfect Small Business for You. It’s only $2.95 and can guide you step-by-step in picking a business.

3—You can work a schedule that works for you. Work weekends only. Try graveyard shift for awhile. Work school schedules so you can be with your children. Work part-time or full-time or overtime. You decide. You can also decide days off, vacations and holidays.

4—It’s still pretty cool to be a business owner. Regardless of the business, being an entrepreneur has a certain prestige to it. It’s impressive to have your own company, even if you are the sole employee. People will admire you, and some will envy you. That’s okay because you can be the example that encourages them to take the leap, too.

5—Owning your own business is a great opportunity to learn. You get to learn about accounting, pricing, marketing, packaging, distribution, customer service, and so on. Business owners know about a lot of different things. If you keep learning throughout your life, you are much less likely to suffer the forgetfulness and other mental issues that so often come with aging. Owning a business will keep you sharp.

6—Instead of making other people wealthy, you can make money for yourself. Entrepreneurs are some of the wealthiest people in the world. Entrepreneur Bill Gates has been the world’s richest man for over a decade. His money comes from Microsoft, the company he started that not only made Bill and many others rich, it changed the world.

7—Oprah Winfrey owns her own businesses. So does Martha Stewart. And, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is a business owner. That’s pretty good company to be in.

8—Business ownership is a great way to make your mark on the world. Certainly we will not all be “Oprah” or “Martha”, which is good because Oprah and Martha do a pretty good job of that. But, you can be you! Owning your own business is a great way to create something that is such a big part of you and yet bigger than you. Only you can bring your spark and your passion to life. And, it will surely change your life. In fact, it just might change the world.

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