Kissing Tips

Kissing Tips
A kiss is an expression of affection between two people. Though it is not uncommon for people to exchange a brief kiss on the cheek or a peck on the lips as a casual method of greeting or bidding farewell to others, more elaborate and passionate kisses are generally reserved for romantic partners.

Because kissing is often such an integral part of the dating experience, it should go without saying that knowing how to be a good kisser can only serve to enhance your dating life. So what is it, then, that makes somebody a good kisser? The truth is that many people seem to have a unique “kissing style” and that it is difficult to say with any kind of certainty what (besides personal preference) would make one particular style of kissing any more or less enjoyable than another. Luckily, however, there does seem to be at least a few universally accepted ideas about what good kissing practices might entail.

To find out whether or not your own kissing style could benefit from a makeover, check out the list of kissing do’s and don’ts below:

Do :

  • Practice good oral hygiene - There is nothing sexy about swapping saliva with a partner that is suffering from a severe case of bad breath. When you are out with a romantic interest that you plan on kissing at some point during the date, it is probably best to avoid consuming anything that might wreak havoc on your breath. While you are on a date, remember to “just say no” to things like cigarettes or dishes containing high amounts of garlic or onions. Oh and don’t forget to keep a pack of gum or some breath mints with you at all times just in case. It would be a shame to let something as manageable as oral hygiene ruin what might otherwise have been a truly magical moment.

  • Get the timing right - Don’t be afraid to let common sense and intuition join forces to help you figure out if and when to go in for the kiss during a date. Even spectacular smooching skills will be rendered absolutely meaningless unless employed at just the right moment.

  • Listen to your partner - Make it a point to pay attention to how your partner reacts to your kisses. Don’t be afraid to ask him/her if he/she likes the way you kiss. And if the answer is no, just swallow your pride and try to adapt to your partner’s preferences. A good kisser is also a good communicator so be sure to take a hint before you take offense!


  • Slobber - One of the easiest ways to qualify as a bad kisser is to flood your partner’s mouth with too much saliva. Of course swapping a little spit during a kiss is perfectly normal but just don’t overdo it.

  • Use too much tongue - Much like over salivating, using too much tongue can turn out to be just as much of a turn off. If you find yourself frequently licking your partner’s tonsils, this could be a sign that you need to ease up in the tongue department.

  • Bump teeth - It’s probably not hard to imagine how playing bumper teeth might be a bit of a mood killer. Moving in too quickly or simply being careless are two ways in which to increase your chances of this kissing mishap. It’s best to take things nice and slow; allowing your lips to touch before introducing the tongue.

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