Getting Physical on a First Date

Getting Physical on a First Date
While some might try to downplay its significance, it is often extremely difficult to keep sex and dating apart for very long. Though the long-term goals for singles in the dating world might be somewhat varied, the desire to satisfy sexual needs is usually one goal that most actively dating singles have in common regardless of gender. Unfortunately, however, persistent double standards in this area have turned first date sex into something of a taboo for women whereas men are often encouraged and in some cases even applauded for indulging their sexual impulses on the first date. Needless to say, these double standards and the moral implications embedded within them don’t contribute anything particularly worthwhile to the ongoing debate about whether or not having sex on the first date is a good move.

All taboos and social conventions aside, there is nothing particularly unusual about two consenting adults who decide to enjoy physical pleasures on the first date. After all, sexual behavior is a very natural part of being human and as such, it often plays a rather substantial role in the mate selection process. Nevertheless, indulging sexual urges very early in the dating game can and often does have counter-productive effects for singles that are looking for more than physical satisfaction alone. In my opinion, the decision of whether or not to give it up on the first date is not so much a matter of right or wrong as it is a matter of personal preference and strategy.

If you are a sexually adventurous person who feels comfortable with the idea of getting physical on the first date without having to stress over whether or not there might be a second or a third date, then live it up and enjoy yourself. If, on the other hand, sleeping with a new partner on the first date is likely to make you feel uncomfortable, to weigh heavily on your conscience or to leave you desperately wondering if he/she will ever call you again, then it might be better for you to hold off on sexual activity for at least the first several dates. Just keep in mind that regardless of whether you decide to have sex with a new partner on the first date or the tenth, you should always make it a point to protect yourself by practicing safe sex at all times.

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