Moving to Ireland

Moving to Ireland

If you have ever wanted to move to Ireland, here a few things you need to consider.
Ireland is a charming and social country with a European feel with a quaint mentality.

There are many things to consider before you move to Ireland;
first and foremost can you afford to live in Ireland?
Since joining the EU, Ireland has seen the price of property rise by almost a 100%, and if your thinking about living in a major city like Dublin add another 25%. If you can live outside of the city you can often find a “fixer upper” for a fraction of the cost, the only thing you will need to consider is commuting.

How will you communicate with your family and friends?
Can you cope without being near them on a daily basis?
Will your children move with you, grandchildren?
Do you know anyone in Ireland?
The answer to these questions must be thought about carefully; making a move to another country can be very straining and can cause distress to many people.
You should always consider a six month trial move before making a permanent decision.

Can you have dual citizenship?
The Irish government will allow you to hold dual citizenship, but you need to check with your own country of origin.

Irish Citizenship will grant you a few benefits:
You will be able to vote in all elections.
You will be granted unrestricted travel, no rules on where or when you travel.
You will have all the privileges and responsibilities of any Irish citizen.

You will need to register if you are not an Irish citizen then you must register during office hours with the Aliens Office, Harcourt Square, Dublin 2, if you are living in Dublin. If you are living outside Dublin you must register with the local Garda Station. You must register after three months to seek permission to stay longer, then on a yearly basis.

If you are a citizen of Ireland you do not need to register. If you are able to obtain Irish
Citizenship because either you, one of your parents, or one of your grandparents was born in Ireland before 1921. If your spouse does not qualify, it may take them a few years, before he or she can apply to become a citizen.

Can you get free medical attention in Ireland?
Yes, but you are required to pay a initial fee of 30 Euro, in hospitals. Private insurance is a necessity.

Will you be covered?
If you have medical insurance now, you will need to check to see if you will be covered or can transfer the coverage if you move.

Voluntary Health Insurance
Will cover your medical after the age of 65, but will not take new members if already over the age of 65.

BUPU International
Is another health insurance company or organization in Ireland, there criteria is similar to VHI.

Normally you pay for all visits to the doctor and for all prescribed drugs, but if you are of limited funds, and are a permanent resident of Ireland then you may qualify for a medical card which entitles you to free medical care.

Will you be required to pay tax?
Yes, you can find more information about the tax codes and requirements from Details of the
from the Revenue Commissioners, at +353 1 8780100. 'Leaflet RES 1'

You should always consult an attorney/ accountant for information tax laws.

Income arising from sources in Ireland, exept certain goverement bonds is liable for income tax.

Most countries will allow you to transfer your pension to your new country of residence. The money can be paid directly into your bank account.

Social Security will incure a 15% withholding tax from the IRS. Be sure to give three to six
months' prior notice of your intention to move.

Australian Pensions
If you are entitled to a Social Security pension from Australia, you can have it paid in Ireland.
The money is distributed from England to addresses all over Europe and are posted on a monthly basis.

If you are eligible for payment under any of the social security plans, then you may qualify for free benefits from Ireland when you reach age 66:

Free Electricity, Natural Gas, or Bottled Gas allowance.(1500 units per year)

Free Television license

Telephone Rental Allowance

Fuel Allowance

Hope to see you in Ireland!

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