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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough
This is a really hard game to write a walkthrough for. You have many options of what to do at every step in the game. You can choose to help people and become more "good", or hurt people and become more "bad". Just because I choose to do something in my own style of gaming doesn't mean that you couldn't do the exact opposite and be playing just as well.

Here are my notes about things I've encountered and done. You might want to visit our gaming forum for your particular question, because there's a better chance that someone will have done your same set of actions in there than just with my own personal path! I haven't put in all my notes yet of the 80-quadrillion sub quests. Please ask about the quest you're stuck on in our forum.

Getting Started
Character Setup Notes

Getting your Training
Under Attack

Chapter 1: The Four Creatures
The Six Henchmen
NeverWinter City
The Peninsula, Prison and Tanglewood Estate
Beggar's Nest
Blacklake District
Docks District
The Ritual Chamber
Helm's Hold

Minor Typo :)

Chapter 2: The Cult of the Plague
The Six Henchmen
Port Llast: The Town
North to the Caves
East in the Woods
East with the Druids
South - farmland
South - Charwood
North - Werewolves & Inn
Luskan Center
The Tower

Chapter 3: The Words of Power
The Six Henchmen
Beorunna's Well
North - the Elements
The Snow Globe
North 2 - Coldwood
West - Moonwood

Book Images On Line - Read the Books!
The Adventures of Grin, Richard and Wu-Wei
Dread Queen Morag
History of the Creator Ruins
The Imps' Prison
Luskan's Arcane Brotherhood
The Nether Scrolls
The Neverwinter Wood
The Northern Four Adventuring Troupe
Religions of the Sword Coast
The Rise & Fall of Netheril
The Rival Orc Tribes
The Ruins of Illusk
The Sword Coast
Uthgar's Legacy
Wind by the Fireside

Imaskarran Tomes
Imaskarran Tome of Resonance
Imaskarran Tome of Ice

Books from Special Areas
Complete History of the Creator Ruins
Gulnan's Journal
Head Gaoler's Journal
Halueth Dig Logbook
In Service of Gulnan
Journal of Sir Karathis Ironheart
Letter to Solomon
Letter to Neva
Letter to Vardoc
Recipes of the Forge
Thief's Journal
Wars of the Creator Races

Walkthrough Index

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