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Rachel, the Spanish Culture Editor here I hope you’ll join me and Spanish Culture as we learn more about the diversity of Spain together.

I'm going to share with you the Spain I have come to know and love as home. Its ragged past and its race into a modern powerhouse.

The legacy of Franco is being left behind as the younger population embrace a freedom never before known in the history of Spain.

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So please join our comunity, ask questions or give me some ideas for articles on whatever aspect of Spain interests you. I'd love to know what it is that interests you about this glorious country and its gregarious people.

It may be for a holiday, with a view to moving to Spain or for its incredible history, architecture or traditions. Wherever your interests lay, I’d love to hear them, the more the better.

I'd be interested to hear from those of you hoping to relocate, and those that have already moved. Seeing Spain and hearing your stories helps me remember those precious early days when all seemed so alien and so frustrating and challenging.

How wonderful it is to be able to commuciate with people, take my neighbours shopping and understand them. Learning the language never ends, it's a slow process but so rewarding and so necessary to get the most out of a new start in life.

Please go to the forum and share with us all, thanks for your time and I hope you’ll enjoy visiting Spanish Culture and reading the latest newsletter.

If forums are not your thing you can email me privately any time via my bio page.


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