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For Authors of Olde by Carol Dandrade

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Blind Man's Shave by John Grey
After Autumn by Craig W. Steele
Ahead of Schedule by Patricia Williams
Aurora by Natalie Rowe
Autumn at Giant by Linda Barrett
Below Zero Tonight by Elaine Reardon
Beyond Summer by Sharon Thayer Larsen
Cemetery Dirge by Craig W. Steele
Cleansing by Bernadine Lortis
Diana by Beate Sigriddaughter
Drops in a Stream by John Martin Petriccione
Endlessly by Enid C. Grayer
Fisherman by Lee Evans
Heroic! by Sunil Sharma
Homage to Queen Anne's Lace by Craig W. Steele
If the World Would Change as the Light Turns
by Bernadine Lortis
In Praise of Bees, Beneficial and Mild by Neil Shelley
Last Wish by Ann Christine Tabaka
Lay It On by E. Martin Pedersen
Lily Field by Bill Price
Little Brown Thrush by Maggie Koger
Little Whispers by Edward M. Donnelly
Love and Live and Let It Be by James Nichols
Meditation Upon a Buick by Ruth Z. Deming
Midsummer Aubade by Lee Evans
Moon's Many Moods by Bernaadine Lortis
My Sunroom Companions by Alex Russo
Untitled by Dennis Maulsby
Untitled by Dennis Maulsby
Okay by Thomas Locicero
Once Woken by Jeff Burt
Polishing Silver by Maggie Koger
Rachael Anne by Enid C. Grayer
September: Eating a Lot of Honey by Christine Tsen
She's Such a Nice Person, Isn't She?
by Cynthia Parker
Shimmers by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Soundtrack by Mark J. Mitchell
Speak My Name by Linda C. Anger
Stuck in the Dead Letter Office by Patricia Williams
Studying with Trees by Beate Sigriddaughter
The Apple Barn by Elaine Reardon
The Distance by Maggie Koger
This Autumn by Joan McNerney
What's Going On? by Alex Russo
When I Was Sixteen by Enid C. Grayer
With Charcoal Black by Ken Allan Dronsfield
You Know You're A Lone Wolf by Phibby Venable


A Dog's Life by Ruth Z. Deming
Candy by Patty Somlo
Choices by Cynthia Parker
Displaced by Bill Diamond
Distant Cousin by Barbara Taylor
Invitation to the Funeral by Ruth Z. Deming
Meridian Line by Ana Gardner
On the Run by Hedva Anbar
One Thing by Nancy Zhang
Remembrance by Jean D. Carlton
Ring of Fire by Lindsay Flanagan
Saving Santa by Marcia Friel
Scavengers by Marcia Eppich-Harris
Three Lived in Fear by Leah Holbrook Sackett
Waiting for the 12th Street Bus by K. Lee


9/12 by Bruce Levine
A Day at the Auction by Manijeh Badiozamani
Detour by Valerie L. Mendoza
Exit by Eve Dobbins
Letter to My Dead Husband by Ruth Z. Deming
Memories in Time - The Weaving House
by Ron Huskey
Memories of a Summer Camp
by Manijeh Badiozamani
Raining in Sheffield by M. Scott Lowell
Roll Out the Barrel by Susan P. Blevins
The Clock of the Long Now by Jody Zolli
The Connection by N. A. Granger


Bernadine Lortis - In Her Own Words
by Bernadine Lortis

Art and Photography

For Authors of Olde by Carol Dandrade
Deep Purple by Christine Catalano
Honey Bee by Mark Berkery
Honey Bee by Mark Berkery
Wings by Christine Catalano
Aglow by Carol Dandrade
Stowe Row of Pumpkins by Carol Dandrade
Sunset at Fisher's Landing by Kim Kenney
Honey Bee by Mark Berkery
Forever Here by Sandra Staas
Last Bus From the Race Track by Bob Evans
Turtle by Bob See
Pumpkin by Bob See
Sunflower by Lisa Shea
Abandoned Train Tunnel by Lisa Shea
Happy Face by Bob Evans
Seen Better Times by Bob Evans
Honey Bee by Mark Berkery
Heartbeat by Sandra Staas
Country Life by Carol Dandrade
Honey Bee by Mark Berkery
Autumn's Last Gasp by Carol Dandrade
Sparkling Rosé by Christine Catalano
Rose in Still Water by Christine Catalano
Yacht House Staircase by Kim Kenney
Rose Light by Christine Catalano
Summer Reflection by Allyson Guerin
Deer by Bob See
Job With a View by Bob See
A Different Kind of Buggie by Lisa Shea
Infinity by Fabrice Poussin
The Clearing by Fabrice Poussin
To The Castle by Fabrice Poussin
Bleeding Hearts by Michele Ekeman
Blue and Yellow by Carol Frieswick
Chatham Light by Carol Frieswick
Great Egret Flock by John Randell
Faces of Oddity by Murray W. Dunlap
Serenity by Lawrence Pratt
Painted Lady by Lawrence Pratt
Peacock Butterfly by Daginne Aignend
Modern Times by Bob Evans
Beauty in Nature by Diane Farris-Howard
Swallowtail Butterfly by Michele Ekeman
Purple by Michele Ekeman
Aghori by L. Kurakar
Tulip by Joann Grisetti
Carved by Bob See
Mindfulness by Lisa Shea
Untitled by Lisa Shea
Fall Line by Dave Bourdeau
Dawn Precipice ... Mars by Dave Bourdeau


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers

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