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Sometimes, you just want to know how to do something special in Flash and you do not want to bother with the rest. These articles will show you how to create some of the most popular special effects

ActionScript 3 Code for Flash CS3 Preloader star
In our last tutorial, we set up the architecture for our example Flash website. Now we will write the ActionScript code that will run the preloader and then move on to the main movie.

ActionScript 3 Preloader - Stage and Timeline star
In the next few tutorials, we will create a small text preloader animation that will run while our website is loading into the browser. In this tutorial, we will set up the architecture of our website for the preloader and main contents of the site.

Add Graphic Preloader Bar to Flash Website star
We will continue to work on our preloader by adding a graphic animation that will give the viewer a visual representation of the download progress. We will first create the graphic that will become our movie clip animation and then add the ActionScript code that will control the animation.

Adding a Drop Shadow to Flash Animated Object star
One of the best additions to the Flash techniques was the ability to animate filters. In this tutorial, we will create a very simple bouncing ball animation and then animate a shadow to follow the ball.

Christmas Ecard Masking Effect star
One very common effect created in Flash is the masking technique that makes it appear that an object grows on to the stage. A scroll is a perfect image to use for this technique.

Designing a Blinkie for Flash CS3 Animation star
The owner of J3 Designs asked me to create an advertising blinkie for her digital scrapbooking website. She wanted to maintain the classic elegance of the company brand and gave me a set of graphics that she had already used for her logo. Where do we start?

Finishing the Blinkie with Flash Motion Tweens star
Remember that, as part of the design details, we have those two ladybugs. It’s time to make them move with Flash Motion Tweens.

Flash Classic Motion Guide star
How to sequence two animations together in Flash CS5.

Flash CS3 Motion Tween Slide In Effect star
Many fancy Flash intros use the slide-in special effect. This effect requires that the image or object have a starting position off of the stage and move onto the stage with a Motion Tween. In this tutorial, we will do just that.

Flash CS5 Glow Filter for Magic Effect star
For this tutorial, we will learn how to use the Glow filter in Flash CS5 to create a magical effect for an ecard.

Flash Page Transition Effect Copy to Grid star
In this Flash tutorial, we will create a very popular page transition effect using the Flash Copy to Grid assistant. This technique should be part of every Flash designer's toolbox.

Flash Thanksgiving Animation star
In this tutorial, we will create a simple text effect Tween using Flash Motion Presets for a Thanksgiving project.

Flash Timeline Text Effects star
I have several requests from readers for text effects. One easy way to create text effects is the built-in Flash Timeline Effects. Although this article is about text, these effects can be applied to other things on the stage such as shapes, graphics, grouped objects, bitmaps and more.

Growing Flower Masking Technique star
Learn how to use masking to create the illusion of a flower growing onto the stage in Flash CS4.

Halloween Magic Ecard Animation star
We will continue working on this ecard project by creating another magical effect using the same Glow filter. This time we will apply the filter to a witch's hat and broom.

Invisible Buttons in Flash star
We will create an invisible button in Flash CS3. We will not be using a graphic as a button. Instead we will create a hot zone over the spot on the stage that we want our invisible button to function.

Make a 125 x 125 Ad Button in Flash star
This tutorial will teach you how to create an animated 125 x 125 pixel square button ad in Flash CS4.

Masking Script Lettering in Flash CS5 star
Flash effect that reveals script lettering as if it's being written on the stage. This animation can be created in several levels of realism.

Masking Several Objects on Flash Layer star
Learn how to sequence the individual parts of a masked animation in Flash CS4.

Slide-in Motion Tween in Flash CS4 star
In this tutorial we will learn how to make a slide-in motion tween effect in Flash CS4.

Sparkling Animated Star star
Create a sparkling star animation along a curved path in Flash.

Transform Timeline Effect in Flash CS3 star
In this tutorial, we will create two types of animation. One is a simple frame-based animation and the other uses the Transform Timeline Effect to morph text.

Transition Timeline Effect in Flash CS3 star
In this tutorial, we will build the design that we planned out in the previous tutorial onto the layers of the Flash Timeline. Then, we will work on the first of the animations for the advertising blinkie.

Using Masks for Special Effects in Flash CS3 star
Many of the great Flash special effects are created with a simple masking technique. One example of this technique that is commonly seen is the spotlight effect. In this tutorial, we will create this effect.

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