Classic Film
Here you will find links to information on classic film actresses.

A Determined Actress star
A look at Vivien Leigh's career and dedication to the theater.

A Tribute to Celeste Holm star
Dedicated to the life and career of Celeste Holm.

A Tribute to Jane Russell star
A tribute article to the career and life of Jane Russell.

A Tribute to Lena Horne star
A tribute article to the late great Lena Horne.

Actress Hedy Lamarr An Inventor? star
Not only was she a beautiful actress, Hedy Lamarr was also the inventor of "frequency hopping."

An Analysis of Kitty Foyle star
An analysis of the Ginger Rogers' film "Kitty Foyle (1940).

Ann Blyth on Joan Crawford star
Ann Blyth's experience on working with Joan Crawford in "Mildred Pierce" (1945)

Anne-Margret and The King star
When Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley starred in "Viva Las Vegas" together, the film sparked a relationship that would last for fourteen years.

Audrey Hepburn site star[offsite link]
Here is Audrey Hepburn´s site.

Audrey Hepburn Studied The Blind star
The process Audrey Hepburn worked through in order to play Suzy, a blind woman in "Wait Until Dark."

Before Lucy Was Lucy star
Lucille Ball's career in the movies before her television career on "I Love Lucy."

Bette Davis vs Joan Crawford star
Both were strong women with illustrious careers. What made them hate eachother so?

Bette Davis' Dispute With Warner Bros. star
In 1937, Davis took Warner Bros. to court to demand better roles to benefit her career.

Betty White Loves Animals star
Legendary actress Betty White devotes as much of her time to show business as she does to the well being of animals.

Brief Bio of Anna May Wong star
Despite hitting stardom early in her career, Anna May Wong struggled with being typecast in Hollywood.

Chance Of a Lifetime star
There was nothing Ann Rutherford wanted more than to be a part of "Gone With The Wind" (1939).

Charles Laughton Discovering Maureen O’Hara star
About actor Charles Laughton discovering actress Maureen O'Hara.

Classic Actresses Fan Site star[offsite link]
This link is for a classic actress site by a fan.

Dear Miss Donna Reed star
Actress Donna Reed became the most beloved movie star to the soldiers of WW II.

Debbie Reynolds Memorabilia Collection star
Debbie Reynolds search to find a museum for thousands of movie memorabilia.

Dietrich vs. Garbo star
The mysterious rivalry and relationship between Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo.

Divas Website star[offsite link]
Here is a site dedicated to the divas not only from classic films, but music and world leaders. It has trivia, forums, and photos.

Doris Day site star[offsite link]
Here is Doris Day´s site.

Doris Day's Animal Rights Activism star
A brief article on Doris Day's wonderful contribution for Animal Rights.

Dorothy Dandridge site star[offsite link]
This site is about Dorothy Dandridge.

Eddie Muller Interview with Ann Blyth star[offsite link]
Ann Blyth talks about "Mildred Pierce" and her career.

Elizabeth Taylor's Fight Against AIDS star
A reflection on Dame Elizabeth Taylor's humanitarian efforts against AIDS/HIV.

Family Feud star
Two gifted sisters and the rivalry which led to their estrangement.

For The Love Of A Star star
Infamous bank-robber John Dillinger was gunned down outside the Biograph Theater after seeing "Manhattan Melodrama". A film he had to see for Myrna Loy.

From Child Star To Icon star
Film icon Elizabeth Taylor is one of the few child actors who managed to make a smooth transition into being a great film star.

From Child Star To Movie Star star
Actress Natalie Wood is an unspoken figure when it comes to an actress sustaining a career from child star to movie star.

From It Girl to Tragedy star
Women wanted to be her. Men wanted her. But there was more struggles in her life than she lead people to believe.

From Model To Movie Star star
Before she was Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean´s first public exposure was as a pin-up model.

Gable's Influence on Marilyn Monroe star
From childhood Marilyn Monroe admired the King of Hollywood, Clark Gable. Who could have known they were cast in their last film together?

Grace Kelly Becomes Princess Grace star
The courtship and royal wedding of actress Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier

Happy Birthday Dorothy Dandridge star
Here is a tribute to Dorothy Dandridge on her birthday for the Bella Today in History site.

Hollywood's First Scream Queen star
Actress Fay Wray became Hollywood's first scream queen when she starred in the classic "King Kong."

Hollywood's Legendary Profane Angel star
In celebration of her 100th birthday, we cover a short biography of Carole Lombard's career and life.

Hollywood's Rebellious Silent Star star
Louise Brook's goal was never to be famous. But her independent personality and style made her immortal.

Ingrid Bergman star[offsite link]
Here is Ingrid Bergman´s site.

James Dean´s Car Urban Legend star
Information on James Dean´s car and the urban legend surrounding it.

Jean Simmons Tribute star
A brief tribute for actress Jean Simmons

Joan Crawford And Her List of Rivals star
When Joan Crawford did not like you, she would let you know it. As she had done with Bette Davis, Norma Shearer and Loretta Young.

Katharine Hepburn - All About Me star
A brief article about Katharine Hepburn's documentary, "All About Me."

Katharine Hepburn as Box Office Poison? star
At one point in her career, The First Lady of Cinema was considered Box Office Poison. But she was able to bounce back.

Katharine Hepburn site star[offsite link]
Here is Katharine Hepburn´s site.

Lauren Bacall star[offsite link]
Here is a Lauren Bacall site.

Louise Brooks Society star[offsite link]
From articles to merchandise, everything centered around the famous Silent Film star Louise Brooks can be found here.

Mae West blog star[offsite link]
Here is a blog all about actress Mae West.

Mae West's Scandalous Writing Career star
When it came to writing plays, Mae West broke all the rules. Even at the risk of being fined and jailed for her work.

Marilyn Monroe and The Troops star
It wasn´t until Marilyn Monroe visited the troops, that she realized how much the public loved her.

Marilyn Monroe Official Site star[offsite link]

Mary Badham as Scout star
The chance of a lifetime and the irreplaceable bond she had with Gregory Peck on the set of "To Kill A Mockingbird" (1962).

Norma Shearer Discovered Janet Leigh star
One day Norma Shearer encountered a photograph of a young Janet Leigh and Janet's life was changed forever.

Not Just An Average Flapper star
This Halloween, do you want to go as a flapper but not as the average store-bought flapper? Get inspired by Clara Bow and Louise Brooks - the premiere flappers!

Oscar Win For Hattie McDaniel star
Hattie McDaniel made history when she won her Oscar as "Mammy" in the epic "Gone With The Wind" (1939).

Post-Oscar Curse of Luise Rainer star
After winning two consecutive Oscars in a row, Luise Rainer's career began to decline. Was it a post-Oscar curse?

Recommended Ginger Rogers Films star
A few recommended films of Ginger Rogers.

Remembering Actress Dolores Fuller star
A tribute article to actress Dolores Fuller

Remembering Anita Page star
A tribute to silent film actress Anita Page.

Scandal Rocks Ingrid Bergman's Career star
The price of love came with the price of her career when Ingrid Bergman fell in love with Italian director Roberto Rossellini.

Searching For Happiness star
Gilda searched for happiness. But she never found her man to give it to her.

Sexy Spy Lady star
How Eva Marie Saint became Eve Kendall in Alfred Hitchcock's "North By Northwest" (1959).

She Was Hollywood's Best Straight Man star
Margaret Dumont claimed she did not understand the Marx Bros. humor. Or did she?

Silent Film Actress Betty Compson star
Betty Compson was a leading actress of the silent era. By the 1950s, she retired from Hollywood. Today, she is forgotten until now.

Spend The Holidays With Stanwyck star
Here are three Barbara Stanwyck films to add to your round of films to watch this holiday season!

TCM Tribute to Joan Crawford by Ann Blyth star[offsite link]
A video of Ann Blyth´s Turner Classic Movies tribute to Joan Crawford.

The Bailey Children star
What happened to the Bailey Children after "It's A Wonderful Life" (1949)?

The Career Of Sandy Dennis star
A brief article about the career of method actress Sandy Dennis.

The Career of Thelma Ritter star
A brief article on the career of character actress Thelma Ritter.

The Death of Thelma Todd star
One of the most famous "Whodunit" in Hollywood history.

The Discovery of Leslie Caron star
A profile on Academy Award-nominated multi-talented actress Leslie Caron.

The Films of Greta Garbo star
After nearly 100 years, Greta Garbo still retains mystique and glamour in the films she left behind.

The Friendship Between Gable and Harlow star
A brief article about the strong friendship between Clark Gable and Jean Harlow

The Girl Next Door star
A short biography of actress, Teresa Wright.

The Hollywood Creation of Betty Boop star
What do you get with Clara Bow, Helen Kane and Mae West? Betty Boop of course!

The Hollywood Sign Girl star
A young distraught actress commits suicide by jumping off the "H" of the "Hollywoodland" sign. Is it a true story or urban legend?

The Legacy of Grace Kelly star
In film and as Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly is not just a movie star but a world-renowned icon.

The Million Dollar Mermaid star
A brief biography of Esther William's love for swimming and how it turned her into a legendary movie star.

The Next Clara Bow star
When Alice White's career was on the rise, she was considered the next Clara Bow, until her career was destroyed by scandal.

The Next Clara Bow - Almost star
When Alice White's career was on the rise, she was considered the next Clara Bow, until her career was destroyed by scandal.

The Original Blonde Bombshell star
Jean Harlow’s career barely lasted a decade but her legacy continues to live on to today.

The Other Woman star
Actress Angela Lansbury started out playing "the other woman" roles and ended up dominating all media including stage, screen and television.

The Partnership of Pitts and Todd star
Amongst the famous comedic teams of Hollywood, there is one that is not mentioned. The female duo of actresses Thelma Todd and ZaSu Pitts.

The Remarkable Gish Sisters star
Together they were brought up on stage. In their early films, they mostly played sisters. Although they're careers differed, they always remained loving sisters to one another.

The Role of Blanche DuBois star
Vivien Leigh's remarkable performance was a classic case of art imitating life.

The Role of Kathleen Mavourneen star
Theda Bara thought it was the role that would change her career for the better. But it was only for the worst.

The Role of Lolita star
Fourteen-year old Sue Lyon took on the controversial role as "Lolita" but the impact on taking the role would be for a lifetime.

The Role of Mrs. Robinson star
Was it a blessing or a curse to be remembered as Mrs. Robinson?

The Search For Scarlett O'Hara star
All of Hollywood's actresses tried out for the famous role of "Scarlett O'Hara." Only one British theater actress would receive the part.

The Story of Gwili Andre star
Actress Gwili Andre held beauty and promise in Hollywood, but that was where her story ended.

There's Something About Carrie star
About Sissy Spacek and her commitment to "Carrie."

They Went With Someone Else star
Even classic stars had to face rejection at one point in their career. Other times, they unknowlingly turned down roles that helped make way for younger stars.

To Marilyn With Love star
A tribute to Marilyn Monroe's life and influence in film.

Top 5 Judy Garland Films star
This is a list of the top 5 Judy Garland films that are a must-see.

Under The Radar star
There are many actors and actresses who have not gained recognition for their contribution to film and Margaret Sullavan is one of them.

Veronica Lake's Hair star
Even though her hair made her an icon, Veronica Lake chose to be unrecognizable off-screen.

Who Was The 50 Foot Woman? star
Was it Yvette Vickers or Allison Hayes?

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