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Civil Rights
Browse these links to some of the landmark acts and executive orders that make up the sum of our civil rights legislation.

Amnesty and More Political Double-Talk star
Is President Bush redefining the term “amnesty” to placate both critics of Ronald Reagan’s immigration legislation and proponents of an all-out amnesty?

Bank Secrecy Act – Noble Undertaking or Big Brother in Disguise? star
The potential for civil rights abuse is high, yet is the potential for preventing another terrorist attack or organized crime activity higher? Is this one of these instances where – in the immortal words of Star Trek’s Spock, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”?

Child Molesters, Pandora, and Her Box star
Should sex offenders be assured their civil rights or should they be considered as someone who has chosen to leave human society in favor of unspeakable evil and thus no longer qualifies for civil rights?

Civil Rights Legislation – The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 star
It is a dirty little secret that discrimination against pregnant workers is actually increasing instead of decreasing.

Civil Rights Violated by Los Angeles City Council star
When the Shaw family sought to introduce legislation that would but a chink in Los Angeles’ sanctuary city flirtation, the city council was covertly (and overtly) vociferous in its agreement that no proposal would be welcomed at this time.

Executive Order 13166 – Overcoming Limited English Proficiency star
If “all men are created equal” they should also be treated equally, whether they speak English, German or Swahili.

Illegal Immigration, Amnesty, and Double Speak star
How often have you heard the emotionally and politically charged rhetoric with respect to immigration? Both parties hold pieces of the puzzle, but neither one has the full picture.

Implications of the 'Hannah Montana Bill' star
Minnesota state legislators passed a “Hannah Montana Bill” that forbids the use of computers by ticket brokers to virtually buy up all available seats before the first in person present fan can even get out a credit card.

Keeping It Real – The First Amendment star
At times the question begs whether the forefathers were perhaps a bit too confident in “we the people” and our ability to judge right from wrong and follow the spirit of the First Amendment. Where will you draw the line? Will you faithfully toe this line if tomorrow you find yourself behind it?

Law Making Courts in Gay Marriage Debate star
Violating the separation of powers for the sake of political expediency and correctness is a worrisome development indeed.

Sanctuary City Policies in the News star
The ideological divide between the “let’s deport them all” crowd and the bleeding heart “there are no illegal people in this world” masses threatens to put everyone in the criminals’ crossfire.

The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 (aka the Civil Rights Act of 1871) star
In the Deep South the Klan was known for the unspeakable acts it perpetrated against the southern African Americans yet because of stereotypes that were strong within the population and the elected officials, there was not much done to protect the citizens from racially motivated abuse and mayhem.

To Test Or Not - Are You Hip To The New No Child Left Behind Regulations? star
While Americans commemorated the 9-11 attacks, the United States Department of Education unveiled its “Flexibility and Accountability for Limited English Proficient Students” program.

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