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How To Add Comments To Your PHP Program star
Most programmers add comments with their code in order to remind themselves, and anyone else, what the code does and how it does it. When deciding what information to include ask yourself what you would need to be told about the program if someone else had written the program and now you were asked

How To Increment and Decrement In PHP star
One of the most frequently used code in PHP or any programming language is the code that will increment or decrement the value of a variable. This code or expression is used in programs as simple as a page counter or as complicated as credit card processing.

How To Use HTML and PHP On The Same Webpage star
One of the features that make PHP such a popular language is that you can mix your HTML and PHP code together on the same page. There are just two simple rules you need to remember. You will need to change the extension on the end of the name of the webpage. Secondly, wrap your PHP code inside

How to Use the XAMPP Self-Installer from Apache Friends star
XAMPP will auto-install Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl and phpMyAdmin on your computer. It is a free, easy-to-use self-installer application from Apache Friends.

Introduction To Character Strings star
Before we start manipulating character strings with PHP, we should discuss what a character string is. There are a few things to keep in mind when working with character strings and PHP.

Joining Character Strings with PHP String Operators star
There are two string operators for joining character strings in PHP; the concatenating assignment operator and the concatenation operator.

PHP Notices and How To Stop Them star
First of all, a notice is not the same as an error message. If your program causes an error message, the program will stop right there and will not finish. However, notices do not stop the program. The notice is printed to the browser and the program continues. Here is how to stop this.

PHP Operators star
In this tutorial we will discuss the PHP operators and how they are used. There are five types of PHP operators; the assignment, arithmetic, comparison, logical and increment-decrement operators.

Say Hello World With PHP star
If you have read the first two tutorials in this series you should have everything installed on your computer that you will need to write and test your PHP programs. So let´s get started.

The PHP Constant star
The PHP constant is very similar to a PHP variable in that it is used to store a value but, unlike a variable, the value cannot be changed. This can be very important when coding PHP programs.

The PHP Ternary Operator star
Like the PHP if and switch statements, the ternary operator allows your program to ask questions and perform tasks based on the answer to those questions. The PHP ternary operator looks like a question mark and the code has three parts. Let´s take a look at an example and discuss those parts

What You Need To Start Programming In PHP star
You have heard about dynamic webpages and you are ready to try some on your own website. But how do you do this? There are several programming languages (or web scripting languages) that you can use to write your dynamic webpages and PHP is one of the best. It is very flexible and very easy to learn

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