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‘300 Miles to Heaven’ a film review star
The film tells a true story of escape of two teenagers who wish to improve life conditions of their family. Great acting, wonderful music and an amazing story of children who oppose the reality they live in. Certainly worth watching!

Academy of Mr Kleks – a film review star
The film about Mr Inkblot and the students of his school is one of the most popular Polish movies for children. The story takes us into the world of fairy-tales while marvellous songs entertain the young and the old.

Bolek and Lolek cartoon star
There are some animated TV series that we all love to come back too. Bolek and Lolek is children cartoon from the times of my childhood. It is about adventures of two young brothers. As it does not contain polish dialogues, it was promoted also outside of Poland.

Find the Poles in Internet. star
At the end of 2006 millions of Poles went crazy for Internet portal that enables to search for friends from their school. Soon they started to use it as a space to contact with old and new friends, former teachers and family members.

Forbidden Songs, a film review star
The film is a tribute to patriotic songs that give hope even during the hardest times. The plot takes place between 1939 ansd 1945 in occupied Warsaw. Its main character is music that gave hope to ordinary people and was their only weapon in this period.

How much does a Trojan Horse weigh?, a film review star
Janusz Machulski is one of the best directors of Polish comedies. His movies are funny and unique. He decided to make an experiment and create a comedy similar to those he made 20 or 30 years ago. Some say it was nothing like his other movies but you would need to see yourself to decide.

Katyn by Andrzej Wajda, a film review star
Every country has events that come back still unsolved. One of them is Katyn Massacre that was screened by Wajda. Although not all the documents concerning Katyn are public, the director tried to show the suffering and sacrafice of victims and their families.

Old Good Marriage, sung Polish poetry star
There is a big group of Poles who love so called ‘sung poetry’. These are songs, very often poems to which music has been composed, that have deeper meaning than nowadays music. One of the bands that is very popular – since 25 years – is called Stare Dobre Malzenstwo.

Our Folks – one of the best Polish comedies star
The story of two quarrelling families, Karguls and Pawlaks, that were resettled after the WW II, still brings laugh to older and younger generations. This fabulous comedy is one of the favourites in Poland.

Poles in the world of celebrities star
In today’s world known names of historic individuals do not bring appreciation. The world and the actions are very often measured in accordance with number of articles in colorful magazines. The articles proves that Poles also take part in the world of celebrities.

Political parties in current Poland star
Short lesson about Polish political scene. The article introduces three most popular parties in Poland. A good introduction to those who want to get to know not only about culture and landscape of the country but also its political rulers.

Seksmisja, one of the best Polish films ever star
When one hears that the movie is science fiction, it might bring to mind pictures of robot and strange creatures. But Seksmisja is a cult Polish comedy that gained respect among audience and critics. It is a satire at communist regime.

The best Polish cartoons star
Polish bed time stories for children would bring the audience into the world of imagination, animals or naughty children that always happily get out of troubles. The period of the best Polish animated series was between 1960 and 1980.

The Decalogue - a film review star
Krzysztof Kieslowski is one of the most acclaimed Polish directors. It was the Decalogue – series of films corresponding with the Ten Commandments – that brought him international success and recognition.

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