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About Intangible Assets star
Intangible assets are a driven factor for organizations. They are categorized as identifiable or undentifiable and externally acquired or internally developed.

Accountants Misusing Key Positions star
When the power granted through a key position hits organizations with fraud and wrongdoing.

Accounting Principles star
Financial Accounting Standards Board FASB is the standard-setting body in the United States responsible for establishing accounting principles, many countries follow this approach. Accounting principles bring meaning and consistency to the financial statements.

Accounts Receivables' Allowances star
Accounts receivables is the result of money owed to a business arising from the sale of goods or the performance of services. Accounts receivables are reported at their net realizable value, which represents the net amount that will be collected.

Analyzing Accounting Transactions star
Analyzing accounting transactions involves simple steps that can make a difference in the quality of the financial information.

Assets' Cost Recovery Through Depreciation star
Depreciation is not a matter of valuation but a means of cost allocation. A monthly allocation of the depreciation expense calculated in a systematic and rational manner takes into consideration the election of the method that best fits an organization.

Awareness on Liability to Clientes star
Fulfilling clients' professional expectations, exercising due diligence, and being vigilant in delivering the services agreed upon is the easiest way to avoid liabilities to clients.

Break-Even Point Example star
Break-Even Point Analysis is very important in a decision making process. This simple example walks you through the process.

Budgeting and its Role in Decision Making star
A budget is a valuable tool for decision making. Planning and monitoring are essential for the organization's sustainability.

Calculating Cash Discounts and Allowances star
Taking discounts usually makes economic sense. The true cost foregone when a company does take a discount is high. For example in a 2/10, net 30 it would be 36%.

CBIS Impact on Controls and COSO Link star
CBIS, is a powerful tool than enhances manual controls over transaction authorization, segregation of duties, supervision, access control, adequate accounting records, and independent verification. COSO ERM Framework activities are deemed to minimize risks through effective controls.

Compensated Absences star
Forensic accountants review these transactions as unscrupulous individuals commit fraud by reducing expenses related to compensated absences to help companies meet earnings targets and fraudulently fail to disclose in their financial statements the changes in accounting for compensated absences.

Cost Behavior Assumptions star
Managers need help determining how the cost of resources used changes as the activity output changes. Decision-makers can make processes more efficient. What is the ratio of number of units produced compared to fixed, variable, and mixed costs? Assessing cost behavior takes into consideration the ti

Creating Forms in Excel star
Never underestimate the usefulness of some of the Excel's features. Creating forms is easy to accomplish and

Depreciating Property star
An important part of the accounting and tax preparation processes is to properly record expenses and allowances. Depreciation is a major component of the financial statements of organizations that have a large number of fixed assets subject to depreciation. Next articles will address it.

Examples of Direct or Indirect Method star
The importance understanding the statement of cash flows is never emphasized enough. These explanations and examples will walk you through it.

Filling in a series in Excel star
The Auto Fill feature helps when quickly filling a series./

Formulas for an Excel Template star
If you don't have a sophisticated software package Preparing a simple depreciation schedule in Excel is very straightforward. Follow this approach to get it.

Lease Transactions Highlights star
Two concepts have to be clearly understood regarding leases: operating lease and capital lease. For a capital lease the lessee records an aset and a liability at the lower of the present value of the minimum lease payments or the fair market value of the leased asset at the inception of the lease.

Making up a sustainable financial position star
Investors and analysts are deceived by non-standard accounting practices.

Personal Financial Planners' Challenges star
The market volatility requires personal financial planners that provide sensitive and timely advice to those seeking maximization of their resources. What does entail to be a personal financial planner?

Pillars of Accounting Information star
Relevance and reliability are pillars of accounting information. Every accountant should relate to these two primary qualitative characteristics of accounting information.

Predict Financial Outcomes with Excel star
Sound investment decisions are based primarily on the potential rate of return that is why when evaluating whether or not to invest the potential rate of return must be carefully analyzed.This is only one way in which What If scenarios can be used.

Prenuptial Agreements are Important star
Blinded by love future spouses don't even take into consideration the implications of money issues and wealth management. To avioid headaches a pre nuptial agreement should be part of their wedding and estate planning.

Recognizing Straight-Line Depreciation star
Allocating the depreciable cost of fixed assets during the proper period is the objective of recording the depreciation expense. It recognizes both physical (wear and tear, deterioration, and decay) and functional causes (obsolescence and inadequacy).

Recording Partnerships' Transactions star
Straighforward guide to record usual transactions related to a partnership. This type of entity has gained acceptance within the business community which means, accountants should know to properly account for its transactions.

Recording Transactions in the General Journal star
Recording transactions in journals, posting to ledger accounts, and preparing a trial balance are core tasks in which accountants engage in every day. Entering a list of chronological transactions and events in terms of debts and credits into a general jornal is preview to posting a transaction.

Reporting Irregular Items star
Forensic accountants are hired to verify the reliability of financial information because it is a decisive factor in assessing performance. When unrealistic goals are set many wrongdoing instances are uncovered through financial investigations where forensic accountants are actively involved.

Rules of Debit and Credit & Journal Entries star
Knowing the normal balance is the side where we record increases, the side that is positive.

SEC Final Rule is an Opportunity for Accountants star
This final Rule represents an effort to re-gain public confidence. Accountants should be ready for its application.

Statement of Cash Flow - Direct or Indirect Method star
The indirect method is the most widely used.The direct method is call income statement method while the indirect method is called the reconciliation method.

Statement of Cash Flows star
These examples and summary will help you to gain a better understanding of both the direct and indirect method.

Statement of Cash Flows Example star
The primary purpose of the statement of cash flows is to provide relevant information about the cash receipts and cash disbursements of an enterprise during a period.

Usefulness of Managerial Accounting star
Managerial accounting is a valuable tool for decision-making. It involves non-monetary data and qualitative elements along with financial information.

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