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Dealing with Injustice
What, exactly and usefully, can be done as an individual facing impossibly large as well as personal small issues? The answer must deal with both the problems and the individual's response to them.

Freedom License and True Liberty
"Freedom is not a matter of place. It is a condition...When one is released from the prison of self, that is indeed release, for that is the greater prison."

Bahá'í Summer Schools and Retreats
Summer schools and retreats began as informal venues to provide education, stimulation and fellowship for Bahá'ís and their families, but have expanded to include topics and social issues that interest participants from all backgrounds.

Why Bahá'ís Do Not Cremate Their Dead
Cremation is considered unnatural and disrespectful because the body was once exalted by the immortal soul of man.

How to Love Mankind
Love one another is a common religious refrain, but given current events--not to mention annoying neighbors, spouses and children--just how does one go about it?

Hope - Religion's Most Useful Tool
Is hope an artificial construct, just a placebo to get us through the dark places? Even if so, are we justified in using it anyway?

Are Bahá'ís Essentially Atheists ?
Bahá'ís have been accused of atheism when their definition of God doesn't match someone else's. The Bahá'í concept of God is that of an essentially unknowable essence, all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, but compassionate and loving.

Consultation - The Key to Problem Solving
Baha'is believe that mankind has been directed to use consultation in matters great and small as the primary means of building a better world and a happier, more productive personal life. But what exactly is their definition of consultation?

Created Rich - Book Review
Patrick Barker's landmark book on how spiritual attitudes and material means work together to achieve prosperity--not only for individuals, but also for mankind as a whole.

Detachment - Learning to Let Go
The Bahá'í Faith teaches detachment from material things as a source of happiness, but it also counsels freeing oneself from worldly motives and self-interest when dealing with others.

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