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Gene Dolls
Sadly, I must admit that I am a late comer to the legions of fans of the Gene dolls. I bought my first Gene Marshall doll in February, on a whim, and I am thrilled with her.

Making Elastic Waistbands for Doll Clothes
So many dresses and pants that we make for our dolls require gathered waistbands. This is a technique that I use very often, and I thought it would be a good idea to explain it for those of you that are new to making doll clothes.

Sewing Instructions for Bitty Baby Blouse
Here are the sewing directions to make a blouse for Bitty Baby, or other medium baby dolls.

Pattern for Bitty Baby Blouse
Here is the pattern to make a blouse for 15 inch Bitty Baby dolls.

Make a Blouse for Bitty Baby
Usually I try to make my doll clothes designs as simple and easy to make as possible, so doll lovers of all skill levels can enjoy making them. But this time I wanted a little more of a challenge and a slightly fancier result.

Mini Dolls Pants Outfit Sewing Instructions
Sewing instructions for making a pants outfit for your 6 inch to 8 inch mini dolls.

Mini Dolls Pants Outfit Pattern
Pattern pieces to make a pants outfit for your 6.5 inch (16.25cm) to 8 inch (20cm) mini dolls.

Mini Dolls Pants Outfit
This outfit will fit 6 inch to 8 inch dolls such as American Girl Mini Dolls, Betsy McCall and Ginny dolls with a 4 inch chest.

Required Tools for Doll Making
This is a list of some tools that are absolutely necessary to make cloth dolls.

Hand Sewing Cloth Dolls and Their Clothes
Her are some tips and suggestions for making your dolls and doll clothes look professionally done.

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