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Scrappy Fabric Ideas from A to Z
Finding ways to use fabric leftovers from sewing projects brings as much joy as finally finishing the larger project from which scraps are inevitably born. Think of using leftover fabrics when beginning a new sewing project as a nod to zero waste and thoughtful sustainability towards our planet.

Sewing Notions from Everyday Objects
Sewing notions include the expected small accessory tools like scissors, needles, pins, and soft flexible tape measures, however many unexpected items used in the process of sewing can be considered within the realm of sewing notions - even some surprising everyday objects.

Fat Quarter Fabrics
Fat quarters are one-quarter yard fabric pieces of precisely sized cuts usually bundled together from a variety of coordinating fabrics. Not rectangular in size but more blockish, precut fat quarter fabric bundles are very useful for small sewing projects.

Lining Pocket Surprise
A long-standing fashion discussion over the appalling lack of pockets in women’s clothing vs men’s clothing continues unresolved. The struggle is real. Pockets or what passes for pockets in women’s clothing can be frustrating for their lack of real functioning properties. Why not add a pocket?

Sewing Gifts for Baby
Soft small pieces of fabric sewn with a few straight or decorative stitches embellished with some lengths of satin ribbon and tiny laces can become a thoughtful gift for a new baby. Handmade baby gifts are a delightful treasure and always greatly appreciated by new parents.

Easy Projects to Sew Using Bandanas
The bandana has become an iconic summer fabric favorite. Like its Americana counterpart - blue jeans, it has withstood the test of time. Bandanas are thrift-store, dollar-store, discount-darlings readily available, inexpensive and able to add instant whimsical appeal to clothing and home décor.

Nostalgic Pillowcase Dress
Pillowcase dresses are a quick and easy way to sew a charming sleeveless summer dress for a little girl. Delightfully nostalgic a pillowcase dress, especially if embroidered or printed with a lovely design or with a scalloped edge, can be a charming way to use a lovingly saved heirloom.

Sew a Shirred Sundress
Whether doll size, little girl or adult size, a shirred sleeveless sundress is the ultimate in summer lounging attire. A shirred bodice is a timeless look for a summer sundress, casual yet elegant. Stitching with elastic thread creates the stretch in the fabric that can accommodate many body types.

Easy Gifts to Sew for Dads
While coming up with a unique and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day may be a challenge, especially for the dad who seems to have everything, consider a few simple sewing projects that may bring a smile on the face of that awesome guy.

Useful Sewing Tips
Sewing tips can be found just about anywhere. On the inside packaging of notions, among the pages of glossy sewing magazines, at sewing groups on just about any social media platform as well as numerous online tutorials, videos, and online classes. Every sewer has their favorite tips for sewing.

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