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Jewelry Ideas from Fabric
Fashioning jewelry for personal adornment out of fabric and fibers has a long history. The usual metals, stones or fired glass materials is customary for jewelry making in modern times however, early artisans most likely had knotted threads, strips of leather, cording and woven fibers to work with.

Sew Kid’s Playtime Activities
Indoor friendly games can help to temporarily relieve the anxiety and pent up energy for some children who find themselves suddenly in a non-routine sort of day whether from uncooperative weather or by public decree. It may be helpful to engage them, at least for a little while, in a fun activity.

Easy Sewing for Springtime
With the sun's advancing warmth as promise of impending springtime, fabrics sporting prints of softened blues, pinks and lavenders call to sewers at this time as much as new delightful bold geometric prints to help wake us from our recent winter languor. Try a few easy springtime sewing projects!

Sew Cleaning Cloth Alternatives
Focusing on the well-being of family as well as those whose welfare we care about and concern for our communities during the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) places us all in unprecedented times. We adapt as best we can. Try sewing cleaning cloth replacements when disposable resources are scare.

Directional Stitching
Ever finish sewing a straight shirt collar, stitching carefully to the shirt’s curved neck edge, even pressing carefully during each part of collar construction, only to have one side of the collar stubbornly refuse to lay flat against the shirt bodice? Directional stitching may have played a part.

Vintage Hankies
The historical significance of the hankie, this most unassuming of clothing accessories, a mere square of delicate cloth usually hand embroidered, at times bejeweled by the wealthy, and in its unadorned form and utilitarian use carried in men’s breast or pants pocket cannot be denied.

Continuous Thread Dart
The most traditional way to sew a dart in a garment is to begin stitching at the wide seam end of the dart, stitch to the narrow point, backstitch a few stitches to secure, cut the threads and tie off in a double knot to secure. What if stitching were to occur starting from the opposite end?

Free Motion Stitching
Free motion machine stitching is useful for monograming on a standard sewing machine, applying simple embroidery designs, thread drawing, quilting, or holding together scrap pieces of fabric to create yardage. For a unique addition to a fabric surface why not give this stitching technique a try?

Vintage Made New Again
Discerning, urbane, refined are words that seem more related to our contemporary understanding of what vintage encompasses rather than labeling an item as old or outdated. Our subjective judgement of what appeals at the moment to our sense of beauty and desire is surely a function of many elements.

Valentines to Sew for Kids
Contemporary Valentine’s Day, always observed on February 14th, encompasses the symbols of hearts and flowers, endearing child-made heart collages, chocolate sweets, notes of kindness, and of course, greeting cards expressing sentimental and romantic love. Kids love to be included on this happy day

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