Xbox 360 250gb Console with Kinect

Xbox 360 250gb Console with Kinect
If you're looking to put together a high quality gaming system with the full body motion Kinect sensors, this 250gb XBox 360 unit is definitely worth taking a look at.

We've had an XBox 360 in our home since the first day they were released, and we definitely appreciate the gaming experience you get with this. So what would the incentive be to upgrade to the 250 gig model? There are a few key reasons here!

First, it is more quiet. Thank goodness! The original models were NOISY. We would deliberately choose to get games for our PS3 just to have a more quiet experience. Finally the XBox 360 is starting to have a reasonable console noise level.

Second, it was amazing that people would complain about the old hard drives being "overkill". Now look at us - we are up to 250 gig and I still know people who can fill those up. The XBox 360 is no longer just a save game holding machine. It holds videos, audio files, downloaded games, and much more. You definitely need storage space to hold all of those things.

If you haven't tried the Kinect system yet, then I highly recommend it. I've written several other reviews about the Kinect components. In short, I love the Kinect system. There are no controllers to hold and no items to push or rotate. You simply move your entire body. Want to hit that volleyball into the air? You move your hands up! Want to kick the soccer ball? You kick your leg out. The sensors are quite accurate and you can easily get exhausted playing a game - meaning you've gotten in a good workout! Gaming is no longer about slumping on a couch and gaining weight. Now gaming helps you build muscle and flexibility.

Are there any down sides here? Sure there are some games that are only on the PS3 and only on the Wii. Also, the XBox 360 doesn't play BluRay discs. So we definitely use our PS3 a lot as a DVD player. But on the up side, the XBox Live system is the best online system of the three. So if there's an online game out there that we know we'll be playing with friends, we'll get it for the XBox over the other two.

Well recommended for XBox gaming fans!

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