Using RoboForm Passcards

Using RoboForm Passcards
When using RoboForm to store log

When using RoboForm to store login information for a website the information is stored in a Passcard or Login file. In addition to storing login information, such as username and password, the Passcard can also store the URL of the site and any notes the user wants to add.

Detailed below are the different methods for saving login information for website into a RoboForm Passcard.

AutoSave Login Information to Passcard:

RoboForm will prompt you to save login information to a Passcard once the information has been filled out and the Submit, Login or OK button has been clicked on the website to be accessed. For example, the first time you visit a website, such as Netflix, fill out your username and password RoboForm will display a login box allowing you to save the login information in a Passcard.

When the RoboForm Save Forms dialog box appears you will have the opportunity to provide a different name for the Passcard, select the location for the Passcard to be stored (folder in RoboForm) and overwrite or update an existing Passcard if one exists for that site.

Forcing an AutoSave:

The forced Autosave feature is used to save login information on pages that do not have password fields or to resave login information has changed or RoboForm misses a field.

The AutoSave dialog box will appear automatically if the form has a password field and Information does not match a current Passcard for the site. Too manually AutoSave hold the ALT key and click the Login button or hold the SHIFT key and press ENTER in the password field.

Manually Save a Passcard:

If you visit a site and the AutoSave dialog does not appear and you want to save the site you can click Save on the RoboForm toolbar. Once Save has been clicked the Save Forms dialog box will appear where you can enter Passcard name and then click on OK to save. Another method to for manually saving a Passcard is to right-click on the website to be saved and select Save Forms.

Note: Passcards saved in this manner do not record information on how the login is submitted so it can’t be used to fill and submit the information.

Ignoring Fields for a Passcard:

Due to the amount of SPAM and robots on the Internet many websites require that the person logging into the site fills a field that changes for each login. This field is used to prove that you are a person and not a robot.

For these types of fields the Passcard needs to be modified to take into account changing field values. After saving the Passcard open the Passcard in the Passcard Editor. Click on the field that changes each login and select Edit | Ignore field. After this change the field will be ignored by RoboForm.

Now that we have learned how to store login information into Passcards the next step is to learn how to use the Passcards to login into websites. Stay tuned for the next article on using Passcards!

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