Filling Form Data Using RoboForm Passcards

Filling Form Data Using RoboForm Passcards
In the past article you learned

In the past article you learned how use RoboForm to store login information for a website in a Passcard or Login file. Once this information has been stored the next step is to learn how to use the RoboForm and the Passcard to populate login information and forms on sites that require this information.

There are several methods for having RoboForm fill out form data and submit. This article will detail how to use the Passcards button on the RoboForm toolbar to help automate logging into and submitting information to web sites.

Passcards in RoboForm Toolbar

When loading a site that has had a Passcard saved in RoboForm, a button will appear on the RoboForm toolbar that shows the Passcard that was created for that site. For example, when going to the button that displays (logins) on the RoboForm toolbar will change to Sovereign or the name that you have given the Passcard for that site.

This button is called the Matching Passcards button and when pressed on a site that has a Passcard the forms on the site will be filled in with the information in the Passcard.

Mini-Dialog Box for Matching Passcards

When visiting a site that has more than one Passcard that matches the site, such as two different bank accounts, then the number of Passcards ((+1), (+2), etc.) will be displayed next to the name. If you hover over the Password button then the mini-dialog box will appear and you can select which Passcard you want to use for that site.


Using the Passcard Button to Submit Forms

The Passcard button makes it quick and easy to populate and submit information on sites that have been saved to RoboForm. To quickly populate and submit a form on website, hover on the Passcard button to invoke the mini-dialog box and click on Fill & Submit – RoboForm will fill out the form and submit to the website. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

The other options in the mini-dialog include Fill Forms, which only fills out the form and does not submit the information. The other options include the ability to edit and modify settings for the current Passcard along with the choice of only filling in empty fields, which is useful on sites that retain part of the form information in cookies.

These options are discussed in further detail below.

Edit Passcards

This option allows you to edit a Passcard in order to change username, password or add notes. If you want edit a Passcard hover over the Passcard button and either click on Edit or the “…” button next to the Passcard. The other edit options include:

  • Set as Default
  • E-Mail (email the Passcard)
  • Add to (create shortcut)
  • Rename (rename Passcard)
  • Move
  • Clone
  • Delete
  • Login in Same Window
  • Login New Window
  • Go & Fill
  • Go to
  • Protected

Order of Passcards

For sites that have more than one Passcard the order in which RoboForm depends on how well the Passcard URL (website address) matches the website URL. The order is as follows:

  1. Exact match (displayed in bold)
  2. Partial match
  3. Server part of URL match
  4. Only domain matches
  5. Matching all suffixes

Filling Selective Fields

To have RoboForm only fill in certain forms on a page then highlight the part of the web page to filled and then fill forms.

Filling Empty Fields Only

By clicking on the Fill Empty Fields only checkbox in the mini-dialog it will tell RoboForm to only fill in any field that is not populated.
That is the basics of using the Passcard button for submitting information. Next up will be using one-click login and navigation which makes it even easier. Stay tuned!To learn more, purchase or download free trial:

Download RoboForm Free Trial

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