Sew Holiday Kitchen Decor

Sew Holiday Kitchen Decor
Handcrafted holiday decorations herald in seasonal celebrations of rich cultural heritages. The recalled memories from all the generations who may be seated at the table whether shared by family, friends, neighbors, newcomers or a diverse mix of homelands adds to the timeless of the festivities. Whatever the holiday season brings, surely the kitchen is a gathering spot for all who come to share holiday times.

With some fabric and thread, as well as precious free time to sew, the kitchen itself can be dressed-up to await the festivities to come.

Quick Table Runner with Border
To make one rectangular table runner that incorporates an easy decorative border, use 1 yard (or more if your table is longer) of 45-inch-wide fabric. Cut the fabric in half lengthwise. You will have two equal pieces (save one to make matching napkins). Cut a different solid color fabric piece 5-inches or 6-inches narrower lengthwise than the first. Right sides together sew the two long edges using a 1/4-inch seam, turn right-sides out, center smaller fabric so larger fabric edges show as a border, then press. Finish the short edges by turning under, press and stitch closed for a straight edge. Note: If a traditional triangle point on the short ends is desired, fold each finished short edge to meet as a triangle point, then stitch across to secure. Add a button or purchased tassels to the pointed ends if desired.

Easy Sew Cloth Napkins
Beautifully miter-edged cloth napkins may be a time challenge so why not consider simple squared off folded edge corners! Cut fabric one-inch larger all around than the desired finished size-cut out fabric 17-inches by 17-inches for example to have a napkin finished size 16-inches by 16-inches. Fold over each side of the square 1/2-inch and iron flat. Fold over again 1/2-inch and iron once again. Machine stitch on the folded edges using a straight or decorative stitch.

Reversible Chairback Covers
A simple long rectangle of fabric can be used to drape over a wooden kitchen chair back, secured with ribbon ties at each side. For the length of fabric needed - measure the chair back from front side over to the back and adding two additional inches for a 1/2-inch seam allowance top and bottom as well as to account for the small amount of fabric that curves over chair top. For the width – measure chair from side to side and add one inch that will allow for 1/2-inch seam allowances. Cut out two rectangles of fabric using these measurements. Fabrics can be one with an autumn print and one for winter, for example. Stitch right sides together 1/2-inch from all edges leaving an opening for turning. Turn, press and top stitch to secure. Add lengths of ribbon to all four sides to tie to the chair.

Reversible Appliance Covers
Essentially large size table napkins sewn right-sides together using two different seasonal prints. Leave an opening to turn right-sides out, press, stitch opening to close. These covers are made to simply drape over a kitchen counter-top appliance. No need to custom-fit at all. If desired, secure sides with lengths of ribbon to softly tie sides closed or use tiny colorful plastic craft clothespins to pull in the draped shape.

Grocery Bag Holder
This is a way to corral all those plastic grocery bags (although so many grocery stores are gradually phasing out the use of single-use plastic bags and encouraging reusable ones). To make a holder with a loop for hanging, cut fabric approximately 18-inches by 22-inches. Fold over the shorter top end and the bottom end by 1/2-inch, press, then fold the same amount again. Machine stitch on the folded ends to secure. Place right sides together and stitch the long end nearly to the end in a 1/2-inch seam. This will become the bottom gathered casing. Insert a piece of elastic, usually 8-inches long into the folded end, pull tightly to gather and stitch to secure. Add a loop of twill tape or sturdy woven webbing to one side of the top end. No need for elastic at the top end as the open end will allow for the plastic bags to slide in easily.

To create something, almost anything, out of fabric is as emotionally gratifying as putting artist's brush to canvas, clay to potter's wheel, pen to paper, verse to music, camera to photograph, or coaxing seed to flower. Take time to sew. The holidays are upon us.

Sew happy, sew inspired.

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