Eco Touch Waterless Wheel and Tire Care Review

Eco Touch Waterless Wheel and Tire Care Review
As a Detailer and Car Enthusiast, I take issue with clean, polished vehicles with grimy rims and dull tires. Ugh!

Your vehicle’s wheels and tires take the brunt of the dirt and grime of today’s roads. Therefore, extra care is required to maintain their condition thus giving your vehicle the total polished look. Not to mention, adding longevity to their life and requiring less mechanical attention beyond normal wear and tear.

In my series promoting waterless detailing, I am very impressed with Eco Touch’s Wheel Cleaner and Tire Shine. As with all waterless products, neglected wheels and rims that have heavy brake dust should be cleaned according to the condition of the wheel.

In order to keep your wheels clean and shiny, I recommend cleaning them with Eco Touch wheel cleaner at least once a week if you drive your vehicle regularly. The product is sprayed directly onto the dirty surface and allowed to soak for about 5 to 10 minutes. Wipe the dirt right off with a clean microfiber towel. It’s way too easy not to have clean wheels! I use the same towel for my wheels as the dirt and grime doesn’t tend to wash out of the towel.

Once your wheels are all clean, I took a sponge applicator and applied the Eco Touch Tire Shine. I wasn’t too sure about a product that would normally contain petroleum but Eco Touch has gotten around it by using natural oils. Depending on the size and type of your tire, you may need to apply it accordingly. The shine will hold for about a week barring driving in the rain. I have had one or two people tell me they don’t like to use tire shine as it is corrosive. Not true. Have you ever seen a dried out tire that has cracks? That’s not very safe if you know what I’m saying. Tire shine helps to keep the tires supple…it’s a good thing.

"Bring out the natural shine!

Eco Touch Tire Shine conditions and protects your tires in one easy step. Our unique blend of emollients and waxes deeply penetrate beneath the rubber surface to give tires a non-greasy and sling-resistant coating. Simply squeeze a dab of Tire Shine onto an applicator pad and spread evenly around the tires for a low-gloss finish.

Compatible Surfaces:

Features & Benefits:
• promotes natural shine and luster
• conditions and protects in one-step
• water-based formula
• ready-to-use solution

All ingredients:
Filtered water, plant-based conditioning agents (cetyl ester emulsion), polymer emulsion (for shine: dimethicone), xanthan gum (thickener), fragrance oil blend, preservative."

Visit for more information on all of their waterless products.

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