Isabella First Renaissance Queen

Isabella First Renaissance Queen
Isabella I of Castile is often referred too as the first Renaissance Queen, one of the great Renaissance queens known for her wise government and patronage of the arts. Isabella I of Castile married Ferdinand of Aragon in 1469, which basically uniting most of Spain underneath their joint rule.

This policy of government was one of the key achievements of Isabella and Ferdinand. Isabella strengthened her royal authority by creating a more centralized government, abolishing the nobles' rights to coin money, restoring the central currency and condiflying the law. From 1482, Isabella and Ferdinand waged a war to conquer Granda, which was the last outpost of the moors in Spain.

Isabella's contribution to the Renaissance culture could be attributed to the court of learning, which Isabella created where literature, music and art were valued. This shows her involvement in actually supporting the arts which was a huge part of Renaissance culture. Isabella actually supported Christopher Columbus by financing his voyage to India which led to the discover of the New World. Isabella's support of the overseas exploration actually led to Spain's golden age, which resulted in increased wealth, expansion of the growth with colonies and a far superior naval.

Although Isabella, and Spain was slightly behind the most other countries in terms of the Renaissance, it wasn't the case to claim Isabella didn't contribution to the Renaissance culture. Financing Columbus's voyages, not only led to the discover of the New World which is a long term contribution to the Renaissance culture. Isabella's marriage to Ferdinand led to the unification and stabilization of Spain, strengthening their royal command.

The contribution made by Isabella is by far the most lasting effect on the Renaissance culture; due to the fact she was a woman who actually orchestrated a court where literature, music and art were celebrated. Isabella actually indirectly discovered the New World through Christopher Columbus who she and Ferdinand actually financed.

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