Religion due to the Renaissance

Religion due to the Renaissance
How did the Renaissance changed Religion?

Well, for starters the renaissance actually changed everything about religion. Scholars, humanists who were searching for the ancient texts of Rome and Greece, began to re-evaluate doctrines of the Catholic church; Scholars also began to question the bible.

By the Renaissance, the Catholic church wasn't stable, the papal schism had not only weakened the authority of the church possessed. The papal schism actually led to the popes to resist even the idea of reform; and tried to use their position to keep their power.

People by the sixteenth century were anxious, until this point the church was really the only stable fixture in their lives, and people began to question the morality of the church. People began to become fed up with how corrupt the church was being, and began to call for a change.

The times, society and even the people began to call for change. The church was stern, and very old fashioned; humanists began to question the church's teachings. This only encourage more people to want change.

The protestant reformation kick started off with Luther, who began to call the Church out with its corrupted indulgences. Luther strongly argued that freedom from God's punishment for sin could not be purchased with monetary values. Luther confronted the Church's own indulgence salesman Johann Tetzel with his 95 theses published in 1512. This publication, and subsequently his refusal to retract his writings, earned him, his excommunication by Pope Leo X in 1521.

Lutherism taught that indulgences didn't save you from Hell; but salvation and subsequently eternity in Heaven is not by good deeds but is received only as part of God's grace through faith alone.

After the protestant reformation resulted in the Catholic counter reformation in which the Catholic church issued condemnations on what it defined as protestant heresies at the time of the reformation. The Catholic church also defined church teachings; and also specified Catholic doctrines on salvation and the sacraments. The Catholic was answering the protestant disputes.

The renaissance set a traditional, a period of history which encouraged change. And it achieved what it set out to do. The Renaissance kicked started the revolution of thinking, of questioning which in turn caused Religion to be altered.

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