Easy Gifts to Sew for Dads

Easy Gifts to Sew for Dads
Celebrate the father figure in your life this Father's Day by giving him your time and thoughtfulness by sewing an endearing gift.

Officially licensed national sports or college themed fabrics or fabrics featuring novelty or conversational prints (places, activities, holidays or hobbies) are great to use for quick and easy sewing projects for Father’s Day. Consider sewing a barbeque grilling apron, perhaps a back-support pillow for dad’s office or favorite lounging chair, a cooling neck wrap for dad to wear when summer outdoor chores call or maybe even a few simple fabric bookmarks.

What any of these sewing projects really say is I thought of you, I appreciate you dad, love you and Happy Father’s Day!

Barbeque utility apron – fabric can be denim scraps saved from old jeans (sew patchwork pieces together to form yardage), cotton duck fabric (think painting tarp thickness), or any heavy woven specialty print fabric. One yard for the body of the apron, additional large scrap for the pocket and some sort of ties are all that are needed. Fold fabric lengthwise, mark a line 7 or 8-inches across the top for neckline, then mark down at 45-degree angle for about 16-inches ( to come under the arms and down to waist), then mark straight down from this point for about 20-inches to bottom hem area and finally straight across and on back to the fold. Of course, all measurements are approximate so adjust accordingly. Hem all edges. Add ties - pre-made one-inch wide cotton webbing is fast and easy to attach, at top sides of the apron neck edge (long enough to tie at neck back), and long enough for waist ties as well. Cut out a roomy pocket, hem all edges and sew to the middle front at waistline.

Lower back support pillow (lumbar roll) – this pillow helps ease back pain when sitting for extended times. Foam for round bolster roll styles can be purchased or tightly roll up a bath towel and hand-stitch along one edge to secure. If a piece of quilt batting is available to roll around the towel it will smooth over any uneven lumps from the towel roll. Lay roll on fabric to determine what measurement is best to go around the roll, adding a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Cut fabric according to measurements (fabric should be just enough to encircle the roll tightly plus seam allowance) leaving a few inches of extra fabric to extend beyond the sides. Narrow hem both side edges separately, then fold with right-sides-together, sew long seam edge. Turn right-sides out. A tube is formed with sides open. Slide the foam roll or tightly rolled towel into the fabric tube. Fold in or tuck in excess fabric at side edges into the roll sides and hand sew to secure. Note: if it is difficult to slide the foam or towel into the fabric tube, temporarily place a plastic bag on one end of the roll and then slide into the fabric tube. It eases the insertion. Remove temporarily placed plastic once the roll is evenly in the tube.

Cooling neck wrap – with water storing crystals. Use 1/4-yard of fabric. Water storing crystals can be found in the floral section of most craft stores. Some crystals may be found already fully plump or in desiccated dry form that will expand when exposed to water. Cut fabric rectangle an approximate 6-inches by 45-inches or seam together enough fabric pieces in a patchwork style to form the rectangle. Fold rectangle in half, lengthwise right-sides-facing. Sew both short edges and along the lengthwise side leaving an opening for turning somewhere along the middle and for filling with water storing crystals. The two side ends of the rectangle can be cut and sewn in an angled edge if pointy ends are desired. Clip corners, turn right-side out, press. Stitch across the width from each end about 10-inches in from each end. This prevents the crystals from migrating to the ends. The wrap will tie easily then and crystals will lay against the neck. Fill opening with about one-cup or slightly more of crystals. Hand sew opening closed. To use soak the wrap in a container of water in the refrigerator for about one hour. Crystals should plump as they take on water. After soaking, gently wring wrap to remove dripping water and tie loosely around neck for cooling effect. After wearing rinse well in cool mild soapy water and store in refrigerator to use over again soon or place in the sun to dry thoroughly for storing.

Fabric bookmark – easy scrap fabric project. Cut two fabric strips 2 inches wide and approximately 6 or 7 inches long. Use a fusible web to bond the two strips wrong sides together. Trim all edges with pinking shears or neatly with sharp scissors. Add a small ribbon to one end folded into a V shape. Stitch around all edges about 1/4-inch from the edge, catching in the ribbon. Several bookmarks can be made in a short window of time.

Sew something special and meaningful for that special dad or father figure in your life. He will know you did it just for him and that you care.

Sew happy, sew inspired.

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