Deterrents for Canadian Geese

Deterrents for Canadian Geese
Canadian Geese are lovely birds to see migrating overhead, or to visit occasionally in a pond. But if you have a flock making its home on your lawn, it can cause serious health issues.

There are few natural Predators of the Canadian Goose and even those predators will rarely attack a large flock. So the flocks continue to multiply, most states consider them a nuisance, and the feces created can pose health risks for those around them. A goose can literally 'go' every 5 minutes while eating.

Here are some suggestions if you have a flock of geese that you would like to encourage to find a new home, further from human activities.

Get a Dog
Canadian Geese naturally settle somewhere safe and restful. If you have a pet dog, they consider the dog to be a predator and will relocate somewhere more quiet. There are many agencies that rent dogs, too, bringing the dog by weekly for a 'day of patrolling' on your property. The geese have millions of choices of where to hang out. If your area is shown to be inhospitable, they'll simply move on to another area.

Bring in Mute Swans
Mute swans are gorgeous and very territorial. If this is a pond or lake area you are trying to protect, the mute swans will be sure to keep their area goose free.

Reseed your Lawn
Canadian geese can eat a grassy area completely bare if it is planted with tasty varieties such as Kentucky Bluegrass. Instead, try planting Rye Grass, which they don't find nearly as tasty.

Don't bother with noisemakers or fake predators. Geese are smart birds and learn to adjust to these situations very quickly. Shipping birds out to a new location seems to make little difference as well - if the location remains bird-friendly, a new flock is sure to settle in within a few months.

While Canadian Geese are an important part of our bird ecosystem, their population explosion has caused them to vastly outnumber any natural predators and by relying on the readily available grassy lawns and bread feeding of humans they have become fat and prosperous on our "eternal resort" offerings. As a result the huge population causes numerous problems with the large quantity of feces they create and the destruction of grassland they cause, which harms the enivironment for other native species.

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