Baby Shower Gifts to Sew

Baby Shower Gifts to Sew
Looking for what to buy for an upcoming baby shower? Why not sew a gift for baby? Sewing gifts for baby usually requires little fabric, simple stitching and just a little time. Choose fabrics that are soft, absorbent and easy to launder. Cotton is a good choice. Certified organic cotton can be an expensive consideration and may shrink a little after laundering but offers peace of mind from chemical processing.

Consider the following quick to sew baby items:

Fold over travel changing pad – can be made with diaper and wipes pockets. Already quilted material and wipeable tablecloth fabric are easy to put together. Decide on final length and width adding seam allowance. Cut out and stitch separately two pockets from fabric scraps on hand. Cut out both changing pad fabrics. Lay one right side up, then two pockets on one long side then remaining piece right side down, leave an opening for turning. Trim corners turn right side out, stitch opening closed. Top stitch to keep all from shifting. Fold in thirds with pockets tucked inside.

Baby terrycloth bandana-style bib – these popular bibs can be made of soft flannel for the top and absorbent terrycloth or fleece for the underside. One-half yard of each will make several bibs in newborn and toddler sizes. Cut out a simple triangle template, rounding the two edges to be used for closing and leaving a pointed front. There are many printable templates for a baby bandana bib online. Place the template on the fabric fold. Cut two. Sew right sides together leaving an opening for turning. Trim corners turn right side out and stitch opening closed. Top stitch all around. Add hook and loop tape as closure. New babies need lots of dribble bibs and are welcome shower gifts.

Hearts and clouds felt mobile - to hang from an embroidery hoop. Shades of red and pink felt for hearts and white felt for clouds makes for a charming mobile. Start by creating a heart template. Cut out two from felt for each heart. Using a blanket stitch and embroidery floss hand stitch two hearts together, leaving an opening for stuffing. Stuff, stitch closed. Make as many hearts as desired. Do the same with felt clouds. To assemble, attach the hearts and clouds to various lengths of narrow satin ribbon then to the embroidery hoop. Hang from ceiling over baby’s crib. Of course, instead of hearts and clouds, stars, half moon, simple animal shapes and many other shapes can be used for the mobile as well. Cookie cutters make for easy to copy and varied templates.

Baby sling wrap – best ones are comfortable, no strain on neck, allows hands free, distributes baby’s weight snugly and evenly and simple to use. Five to six yards of a knit material made mostly of cotton ( T-shirt like texture) and containing some small percentage of spandex is best to use. Start by laying a long length evenly across back of shoulders like a shawl bring around to the front, cross over ends, bring to back, cross at back and bring back to the front to double knot. Baby fits snuggly facing the body lying under front cross over. Adjust crossed over fabric to spread out evenly over baby’s back to support baby’s weight. Best to practice the tying and knotting procedure using a firm throw pillow or another object that can duplicate baby’s weight and size. Use caution when using the sling for infants under four months of age to ensure their face is not covered and their breathing not obstructed. As an added plus, the baby sling can be used as a nursing cover!

Absorbent burp cloths - quick and easy to make if fabric is cut as a rectangle rather than a contour shape. One-half-yard cotton flannel in a baby theme print and same amount of solid-color coordinating terrycloth will make four burp cloths. Be sure to wash fabrics in trusted safe-for-baby laundry products to remove any potentially irritating fabric sizing. Rinse well. Machine dry. Cut both fabrics into four equal sections. With right sides together match one cut section of terry cloth to one of cotton flannel. Stitch around all edges using a one-quarter-inch seam, leaving an opening for turning in one side. Trim corners turn right-sides out, lightly press, hand stitch opening closed. To keep fabric from shifting, top stitch around all edges using a straight or decorative stitch. Neatly fold each, stack and tie with a fabric bow – add a cute soft rattle for gift giving.

Hand made baby gifts not only are pretty and practical but are easy and fun to make.

Sew happy, sew inspired.

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