Integrating and Trusting Intuition

Integrating and Trusting Intuition
Have you ever had one of those days where, though it might not have made sense at the time, you made a decision anyway, just to find yourself in the right place at the right time and seeing for yourself what you already felt to be true was real?

One of my favorite sleeping psychics, Edgar Cayce once said:

"Not my will but Thine, O lord, be done in and through me. Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now, to those that I contact, in every way. Let my going in, mine comings out, be in accord with that Thou would have me do, and as the call comes, here I am, send me, use me!" Edgar Cayce

There's not been a single day where I'd say psychic or otherwise intuitive abilities answered all of life's more complicated issues. Those are lessons we're simply here to work through ourselves. However, intuition and its like does offer the means to identify, past what our eyes and ears might deliver. It's an extension of our Spirit, much like our arms and legs are an extention of our bodies.

From day one, we all enter this world pretty much the same way and with a rather knowledgeable blueprint of sorts. We're instilled, initially, with natural honesty, good and bad instincts, a restless or free-will factor vs. comfort zone behaviors and that's where a good deal of our lives can get confusing.

As consistent and in terms of how broad all of creation is, it seems reasonable to assume our existence has a divine or higher power hand in it. This is where we get that "little something" extra.

Some years back I had an experience that put into perspective not only how each facet, mind, body and Spirit came into play, and purpose each of us has in being here, spiritual gifts and all.

Some would call it an Out of Body experience (OBE) while others, a dream. The sensation of it, however, didn't wake me, like the normal sensation of entering sleep might.

There was color and it resembled what you would see if you were in an airplane. Bright light in the distance but blue like skies all around. I could explore, but felt what was more important was to stay put, as if it was a waiting area of some type. Though I'd never experienced anything like what I was seeing, it was comfortable all the same.

After a few moments, a haze or light in not too far a distance appeared and a sensation of what I would call divine, loving, wholeness overwhelmed me. What appeared to me, was a being (I grew up Catholic) which resembled the image of Jesus, but he didn't feel male or female, just whole. His hair was long, flowing and brown. Although I sensed I was standing upright He was horizontal in his stature. There was a white gown around him and he extended his right arm. I was so drawn and wanted hand over myself to all of the radiance of love. I have not since seen, nor sensed anything of this nature, here, physically on Earth.

I remember stretching, reaching my own hand out to his as he smiled and waited. He never allowed our fingers to touch. The distance between the two was about the slenderness of a dime. It was understood, had I touched His hand I would no longer be where I was and would cross over completely. His lips never moved, but I was told as a being of Spirit, as painful as it was, I must go back. I remember sending pleading thoughts to stay. The answer was that I could not, not yet. He never once stopped smiling and I never once stopped reaching.

Within moments I felt what would resemble being dropped from 3-4 ft. ceiling to my bed and there was a loud clap or electric snap. I jolted awake, sat upright and cried straight for 3 hours.

Even though I knew I had experienced and never would experience that kind of oneness again, I prayed to have the experience again. It never happened. What I did take with me from that experience is that Spiritual gifts are born of this same type of love. We came from this love and will return as long as our hearts are open. If not, we still go on, but to the level of openeness we accustomed ourselves to.

Even today, I find myself almost needing a mirror, walking backwards just to make sense of a great deal this physical world has to offer. Each day, I make a conscious effort deciding whether what I will act on is a feeling vs what I see and hear. Going along with the mainstream, is certainly easier!

However, as Spiritual beings, existing within a plane leaning more towards the physical, in order to be called upon in the most effective way possible, ackknowlege your surroundings, but quiet your mind enough to feel the things your eyes and ears, might not be able to confide.

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