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Pygmy Marmosets  -  Pet Pygmy Marmosets
The smallest primate in the world weighing approximately 4.20 oz (119 g) is the Pygmy marmoset (Callithrix pygmaea). There is 16 ounces (0.453592 kg) in a pound so hold one stick of butter, you will realize how small, and light they are. The ultimate exotic pet? You decide.

Now stick your thumb up, a newborn is the size of your thumb! I guess we can see where the term finger monkey or thumb monkey came from. They are also known as a dwarf monkey or a pocket monkey. My article on the finger monkey Finger Monkey Pygmy Marmoset

They are sold as pets, they aren’t legal in many areas, and they are very expensive. Pygmy marmosets monkey for sale is not an advertisement you will find often. You will find potential pygmy marmosets for sale at bottom of this article, and since he also mentioned something about the marmoset baby being born there; a potential pygmy marmoset breeder.

The Pygmy marmoset needs painstaking care, and they have significant social needs. Please learn all you can about these little monkeys and gain actual experience before considering buying them as a pet. To gain the experience and skills that you need consider volunteering at a zoo or similar organization. This knowledge is crucial for all exotic pets.

This article is based on fact and not meant to represent my opinion if primates should be pets or not.

They have sharp claws which have allowed them to adapt well ecologically to their habitats in the rain forests of South America. They are suited well to the tall trees; camouflaged and protected by the dense foliage and vines. They are quick and have no trouble maneuvering. They are capable of jumping a full 16 feet! They depend on their dexterity and speed to protect themselves from predators. They are able to turn their heads to see completely behind them, pretty much a full 180 degrees.

Pygmy marmosets are omnivorous they eat substances that exudates from trees and vines such as sap and gums, these exudates are the majority of their diet. They will also eat blossoms, fruit, buds, insects, and many things in between.

Groups of Pygmy marmosets are territorial but they will leave an area so that the plant life won’t be over used. They gouge holes in trees using their lower teeth to drink the sap, resin, and gums from the trees. These holes are left to heal. In some characteristics they seem smarter than humans do.

As with all primates pygmy marmosets are social, grooming, playing, and eating together in groups of up to nine monkeys. It’s the social aspects that concern me most when considering primates as pets. The males actually help deliver the babies. He will carry the infants on his back for a couple of weeks, returning the baby monkeys to their mother so that they can nurse.

They have very expressive faces and high pitch shrill voices. If you have an opportunity to see pygmy marmosets in a zoo or primate exhibit pay attention to their faces they are quite animated; the same with their communication.

They have a life expectancy of up to 15 years usually an average of 10-12 years. Their gestation period is 4.5 months. In the wild they normally twin though they can give birth to three to four. Multiple births of four are more common in zoos and pygmy marmoset breeders.

The Pygmy marmoset is a threatened species primarily because of habitat loss and people gathering them to sell as pets. The United States has banned the import of primates. If you can find a pygmy marmoset for sale, make sure it is a legal captive bred monkey.

Comments? How do you feel about the Pygmy marmoset as a pet?

Pygmy marmoset pictures
Pygmy marmoset pictures

Notice the tan, orange, and black coloration Picture of Pygmy marmoset showing coloration

Male carrying a baby on his back
Male carrying three Pygmy marmoset babies on his back
Grooming behavior

Very sharp teeth, adult with tiny infant

Pet Pygmy marmoset picture

Finger monkey pictures
Finger monkey picture

Pygmy Marmoset videos – Youtube video
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