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Here you will find the cold blooded critters that need extra special care. They can’t create heat within their bodies as endotherms are those would be mammals and birds.

Aarons Frog Farm star[offsite link]
Amphibians and amphibian supplies.

AGAMA INTERNATIONAL star[offsite link]
Amphibians and reptiles

Are Animal Television Networks Tumbling into the Toilet? star
Over the last several years, many nature and animal oriented TV networks have turned to far more sensational programming to attract audiences. How and why has this become a problem for the exotics community? Are Animal Television Networks Tumbling into the Toilet?

Bearded Dragon - Bearded Dragons Care star
The bearded dragon has a naturally tranquil nature, and is one of the exotic pets choosen because of his or her personality. They are a beautiful lizard; each bearded dragon unique in appearance. They don’t grow as big as the iguana. This article covers information and care of the bearded dragon.

Bearded Dragon Care star
Important information about the care of the bearded dragon. If you accidently fed one of these insects did you know you could kill your pet? Your bearded dragon needs to be kept in-between this temperature range otherwise they could starve even though you feed them - why?

Corn Snake - Corn Snakes as Pets star
A corn snake is an excellent beginner snake because they have a docile temperament. In addition, the corn snake are great ambassadors to introduce to people that are afraid of snakes. Snakes are probably one of the most misconstrue living things on earth.

Exotic Pet Invertebrates, Amphibians, and Reptiles star
Sometimes you don’t see a lot of commonality in exotic pets, but in fact many species have a great deal in common. Ectotherms; invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles, animals that can’t control body heat. Different animals over winter; mosquitos produce a natural antifreeze called glycerol.

Fluker´s Cricket Farm star[offsite link]
Reptile supplies including reptile food; including crickets, mealworms, superworms, and fruit flies.

Gecko - How to Care for a Gecko star
Geckos make an interesting exotic pet. With so many species of gecko lizards, ranging from diurnal to nocturnal, you have to consider which gecko will fit in best with your lifestyle. Educate yourself before purchasing any pet or exotic pet. The lizard can make very fascinating pets. Lizard supplies

Herp Care Collection star[offsite link]
Mail order prey listings international.

Herp Owners - Exotic Pets - Take a Stand! star
Herp enthusiasts take a stand along my side to stand up for the right to own exotic pets including lizards, snakes, amphibians, frogs, and turtles. Part of this stand is putting in a little of your time to help turn things around through education. I know I take exotic pet education very seriously!

Herp Vet Connection star[offsite link]
International listing of Herp veterinarians.

Iguana - Pet Iguanas star
So you want a pet iguana? Beautiful reptiles but do you know how big they get? The green iguana can make a wonderful exotic pet but you do need to know a great deal about the care of iguanas. They need heat, special food, and special lighting. Otherwise it can lead to Metabolic Bone Disease, MBD.

Reptile Channel star[offsite link]
Source for finding Reptiles and Amphibians and supplies.

Reptile, Amphibian, and Insect Supplies star
Find what supplies you need for your exotic pet reptile, amphibian, and insect. All your ectotherms needs. Each and every pet lizard, snake, turtle, or praying mantis, has very specific needs, from heat, light, UB light, UVB light, humidly, very specific temperatures, and housing.

Reptile, Amphibians, and Insects Shop star
Reptile, Amphibians, and Insects supplies, items to set up your vivarium environment. Lights, heat, undertank heaters, health, humidity, thermostats, UVB lamps and other essential ectotherm supplies.

Reptiles-N- Critters star[offsite link]
Frogs, salamanders, newts, snakes, turtles, scorpions, reptiles, spiders, and bugs. Quite a variety.

Riparian Farms star[offsite link]
Captive-bred turtles and tortoises and food.

Snakes - Can Snake Propulsion save Lives star
From the story of the hoop snake myth, to how snakes propel themselves, all the way to how this can save human lives seems a little incomprehensible; but it is true.

Snakes - How to Care for Snakes star
How to pick out a pet snake, what snake should you decide on, how to house, feed, keep your snake at the proper temperatures, humidity, or molting - everything snakes. Is a beginner snake a milk snake or a reticulated python? How to care for your snake. Learn all about snakes as a exotic pet.

Snakes for Sale star[offsite link]
New site and it looks pretty good.I have not personally dealt with this site. They are using the classified form of having snakes for sale, which gives people a better and more widespread opportunity to find the snakes and snake related items they are looking for and visa versa.

Specialty Serpents Top of the Web Award star
I don’t give the award because of fancy websites I give the award only to people that CARE about exotic pets and go out of their way to help exotic pets. Other words, above and beyond!

The Turtle Source star[offsite link]
Turtles, tortoises, and food.

Turtle Shack star[offsite link]
Turtles and supplies. I have never dealt with this company.

Wormman´s Worm Farm star[offsite link]
Various worms for your reptile including; meal worms, wax worms, red worms, superworms and others.

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