Sewing Gifts for Baby

Sewing Gifts for Baby
Mothers, grandmothers, loving friends and caregivers have been making all things for babies from time immemorial. It is easy to sew your own cherished baby gifts, keepsake gifts and more with just a few fabric pieces some trims and much love. Here are just a few that are easy to make.

Baby Bottle Cozy
Use your favorite stretchy fleece material. Measure the height of the bottle from the bottom to just under the bottle's top. Measure the width around the bottle. Cut fabric the height and width of the bottle. Edges don’t fray so there is no need to finish the edges. Sew the two edges that correspond to the height measurement right-sides together using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Slip over the bottle. Pink unsewn edges. The fabric will stretch gently and securely around the bottle making it easier for babies to hold when they are able.

Reversible baby blanket
This blanket uses just two yards of 36-inch wide soft flannel fabric. Fold the two yards in half or use one-square yard from each of two pieces of coordinating solid color and printed cotton flannel. With right sides facing together, cut all 4 corners slightly rounded. Stitch together on all sides using a 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch seam, and leaving an opening to turn right sides out. Turn rights sides out, press lightly. Top stitch using a straight or decorative stitch about 5/8-inch from all edges to neatly secure.

Burp Cloths
Cut two of a large kidney-shape that will fit comfortably over the adult shoulder area yet drape down a little. Use soft flannel baby-theme fabric. If the fabric is new, launder on a gentle cycle and dry on a low heat setting to remove sizing and allow for more absorbency. Stitch right-sides together, leaving an opening to turn. Press. Top stitch all around to better secure the two pieces of fabric using a straight or decorative stitch. Best to make several as there will always be a need.

Baby mobile
Cover a round embroidery hoop with satin ribbon by winding a length of 1/2-inch or wider ribbon around the hoop. Attach animal, clouds, stars, or any simple shapes made by cutting two of the same shape, sew together leaving a space to lightly stuff and hand sew closed. Use pinking shears to trim edges. Use colorful felt or flannel for the shapes. Hand sew the shapes onto the ends of several lengths of ribbon and then onto the hoop so the shapes hang down at various lengths. Hang the hoop over the baby’s crib or cradle by using three lengths of ribbon sewn to the hoop edge at three equidistant points on the hoop. Gather and tie all three ribbons together at the top in a soft bow. Hang from ceiling using sturdy plant hanger.

Keepsake Bonnet with Poem
Use a square about 10-inches x 10-inches of fine batiste cotton. A purchased or heirloom delicate hanky is traditional and charming. A small amount of flat lace and narrow satin ribbon can be used to decorate edges of the bonnet

Attach flat lace along outside edges of square using a narrow zigzag stitch to butt the edge of the lace to the fabric. To form bonnet turn back about 2 and 1/2-inches along one side edge and press. Tack a length of ribbon centered on this fold and smoothly down to both side edges with enough ribbon length remaining to form ties. Add ribbon roses to the bonnet sides for embellishment if desired. On opposite side of this fold on the edge that will become the back of the bonnet, fold back about 5/8-inch so lace edging remains in view on the right-side of the bonnet. Press fold lightly and either hand sew to the bonnet using a basting stitch or machine sew using a long stitch length at the edge just where the lace has been attached to the hankie. Pull up thread to softly gather back of bonnet, tie securely.

An alternative is to fashion the back of the bonnet by using a length of narrow satin ribbon that can be pulled through the casing formed by the back fold to encourage soft gathers. Secure gathers at side edges with a few hand stitches. Finish by tying ribbon ends in a bow.

Include the following poem, author unknown, with the bonnet for a charming gift.

I'm just a little hankie as square as square can be,
But with a small stitch or two a bonnet I will be.
I'll be worn from the hospital or on my christening day,
And after that, be folded then carefully put away.
When on that future wedding day so we've been always told.
The well-dressed bride must always wear something that is old.
So what could be more fitting, than to find little me.
And with a few fine stitches snipped, a wedding hankie be.
And if perchance it's a boy someday he'll surely wed.
Then his bride can have the hankie once worn upon his head.

Additional keepsake bonnet poems can easily be found online.

Sew happy, sew inspired.

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